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American Rose

by Anonymous

Written in celebration of both the birthday and 10 year survivor anniversary of friend diagnosed with Cancer

Who are You
A Superhero, a great mother, a great friend
A loving wife to the end
You are all these things
Choosing, Embracing Life
And All that it brings
Unintentionally commanding Everyone's attention
Your Overpowering Smile
Converting Any Stranger
Into Friend & Family
The World is Open
A picture to Behold
This is your Bold, Beautiful Reality
Uniquely Completely Open
Like the Petals of an American Rose

There is No Question
That Life…You are Larger than
A Persona of Shimmering Style & Grace
Seemingly Glowing, Flowing
From your Welcoming Face
Your Timeless, Regardless of age
I raced to trace
Through the pages of US weekly, People & Time magazine
But there was Nothing I could find
To Define
The Instant Celebrity that stood before me
An Enigma, the epitome
The Grace Kelly to American Cinema
A Soulful Beauty
That apparently does not appear Simply skin deep
But Begins from within
With an Intrinsic Simplistic
Everyday personality
That these Days is Rare
And you are both Priceless
And Unaware
Of All the Joy you Create
All the Treasures you Share
Inside you was a Light
That Overshadowed the Darkness
That Once surrounded you
When most would have become an Empty shell
Would have retreated inside Themselves
As Tragedy fell
Yet your Inner Strength Swelled
Able to Extinguish the Darkest of Spells

To the casual Observer
You might be a USA Beauty Pageant Winner
A Homecoming Queen
The Heart of Celebration
At a fabulous New Year's Eve Dinner
But look closer
It's Clear, in your Brave Faith
And Everything you Hold Dear
In Living & Loving Life
You Believe In Life's Promise
That the Impossible…Is
And that All can be Achieved
When one perseveres through their Adversity
You take it All in
With Every Breath you Breathe
A Role Model to All
Whose Influence Spreads as wide as the Sea

A Testament to the story of Success
It will be you I Always Admire
You see through the Eyes of a Child
Everyday You Inspire
With Arms wide, your warmth
Like Mortar spread
Forming a connection like Bricks
A Foundation so thick
Underneath us, Between us
We could survive a Storm of Ice
In the Toughest Ohio Winter
You are Lover and Mentor, A Champion of Life
Not just a Survivor
Our constant Reminder
To smell the Roses
That Life is for the Living
We Thank You, for being so Giving
We Thank You, for being our Inspiration
That it's the Journey… Not the Destination
For Continuing to Dream
For Not accepting what seemed
To be Fate's Decision
Our Angel on Earth
Our Eyes to the Sky
To your Level We Rise
To Live Every Moment
Is our Life's Mission
 A Symbol True
Of Life's Beauty Renewed
For Faithfully following the Path you Chose
We Thank you for being Our American Rose

To the Weary Traveler
Behind Life's wheel
Experiencing more
Than they care to Feel
With Black clouds, Stormy Skies
Lightning on All Sides
Glancing at the Rearview
You can see the Fear in his or her eyes
You're the Voice
Telling them to Go Forward & Drive
Be Great
Hold on a Little Longer, Just Wait
You'll Reach a Sunrise
But you see she won't be a bit Surprised
In the Perfect Vision
The American Rose has Survived!

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Last Updated: 02-11-2013
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