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Running Gait Analysis & Bike Fit

Bike Fit

Do you have a cycling related injury?

Correct body posture on the bike can prevent injury, eliminate pain, make cycling more enjoyable and improve bkie fit 1performance. Pedaling a bicycle is a very repetitive motion. It is not uncommon for cyclists to accumulate over 5000 revolutions in 1 hour of riding. Making sure your bicycle fits your body properly is very important for health and performance.

During your bike fit the clinician will review your medical history. You will undergo a screening examination to pinpoint any potential problem areas that could contribute to pain on the bike such as strength or flexibility deficits. The third component of the bike fit evaluation is an assessment on the bike.  We use a trainer for the static and pedaling assessment.  Video analysis is used and reviewed with the client.

We also take into account your cycling goals and any potential physical problems when making recommendations for adjustments to your position on the bike.  During the bike fit, your seat height, Cockpit position, cleats and wedge placement (if needed) will be adjusted to help reduce injury potential and improve your position on the bike. Recommendations to your stem and handlebars may also be made. Recommendations for other changes (seat type etc,) may also be discussed. We do make recommendations about potential medical follow up including physical therapy, home program including stretches and/or exercises to help reduce the pain or discomfort while you are riding.   

We will also, if appropriate, give you specific recommendations with regards to frame size based on our measurements and adjustments. This will allow you to buy a frame that is the correct size for you.

Who can benefit from a bike fit?

bike fit 2Cyclists of all abilities can benefit from a bike fit. Recreational through elite cyclists can enjoy a more efficient and less injury-prone position. Bike fits can not only improve your performance on the bike, but may reduce injuries such as knee or back pain. Cycling should be a pain-free sport and your position on the bike is an important factor. We like to make the bike look like you, not make you look like the bike. That is, your body is unique and may or may not be symmetrical. The bike should make up for your uniqueness or asymmetry. The correct position for your friend probably isn't the best position for you. Reputable bike shops can give excellent bike fits and we have developed a balanced relationship with select shops. The primary differences between standard bike fits and our bike fit is the medical knowledge and years of training of the staff of WFBMC Sports Medicine. Although good bike shops can fit healthy individuals, they don't have the medical knowledge that our staff has, which aids them in diagnosing and treating leg length discrepancies, patellofemoral disease, forefoot varus, neck/back pain, and other medical conditions that can affect your comfort and performance.

Who performs your bike fits?

Per Kristian MoerkPer Kristian Moerk, PT, has been a physical therapist at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center since 1995. He is the Manager and Physical Therapist for the Outpatient/Sports and Spine Physical Therapy Departments at Medical Plaza - Miller. His specialties within the field of PT include Sports Medicine and Sports Performance, running injuries and foot biomechanics, Per Kristian has worked with the Norwegian Track and Field Association as a Team Trainer and PT .He has also been involved with professional soccer as Physical Therapist and Trainer. He has extensive knowledge in the foot and foot biomechanics, running injuries, cycling injuries and bike fit, shoe wear and use of custom made orthotics. He has done numerous presentations and television appearances on this topic. He also serves as a consultant for elite and professional athletes on training and injury prevention. He is a certified FIST Bike Fitter.


gait analysis


Biomechanical Running Gait Analysis

A biomechanical running gait analysis is a useful tool in diagnosing the reasons for pain during running. A physical therapist will first evaluate potential causes for the client's discomfort. The client is filmed from several different angles while walking or running on a treadmill. The therapist will watch the client's body movements from the neck down to the feet, looking for abnormalities that may contribute to the problem, or that are caused by the problem. Your running gait analysis will also be analyzed further using high speed video camera, frame by frame pictures analyzed of the gait, forefoot, and rear foot including knee, hip and spine. Our Physical Therapists then use the information obtained in the recordings to help them create appropriate gait modification strategies. Gait analysis can be used to prevent and diagnose biomechanical issues and improve performance.

Specific shoe recommendations will be given according to your specific needs. Orthotics can also be made when appropriate to correct Biomechanical deviation. Casting is performed in our clinic, and molds with specific instruction are discussed with orthotist before custom made orthotics are made specific to your needs and running shoe wear.

Who can benefit from a running gait analysis?

Anyone who would like to improve performance, prevent injury, or address pain associated with running/walking would benefit from a gait analysis. The running gait analysis can usually be part of a physical therapy evaluation.  

Is Wake Forest Baptist Sports Physical Therapy different from a running store gait analysis?

There are several quality running stores that offer a free running shoe gait analysis. They are good for selecting the appropriate footwear to use when running. The gait analysis at Wake Forest Baptist includes evaluation of your medical history, strength, flexibility, and analyzes all facets of your gait from head to toe. We will also suggest drills, gait modification strategies, exercises, and stretches to help improve your running form.

What information would I get from a gait analysis?

A detailed assessment of your gait mechanics is provided to identify the mechanical issues related to your pain or performance limitations. Modifications in running/walking technique and/or development of a specific therapy program are then provided based on each individual's needs.  

Contact us at 800-828-2001 for more information or to schedule an appointment today.

Last Updated: 01-06-2016
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