Biodex Strength Testing

Isokinetic exercise and testing are tools used to develop and assess strength of the knee, shoulder and ankle, typically.

Sports Physical Therapy utilizes a Biodex isokinetic machine which provides a computer-controlled resistance. The Biodex can be configured to exercise or test various joints; however testing has been proven most valid for the knee.

Variable resistances can be set, and the force the patient applies to the apparatus is measured to determine strength compared to the uninvolved extremity. Concentric, eccentric and isometric modes of exercise are used.

Isokinetic testing is a very useful tool to help determine a patient's progress and readiness to return to sport, but is only one part of the final decision. The Biodex strength assessment is considered along with performance testing for functional activities, such as single-leg hopping, long jumps, and cutting, as well as observation of sport-specific skills.

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