Sports Performance Programs

Sports performance programs help athletes, their families, and coaches learn how to better prepare the body for the high demands of many sport activities.

These programs can be designed as a short clinic to teach exercise and training options that can be incorporated into athletes' regular training, or can be offered in a camp or individual training sessions.

Throwing Clinic 

Power-Up Golf Training

Bike Fit and Running Analysis

Biomechanical Foot Analyses

ACL Injury Prevention Training

The fundamental movements taught in each program can improve athletic performance, while at the same time helping to prevent common injuries. The training programs are designed and instructed by staff physical therapists and athletic trainers, and may be offered at our main facility or at an off-site location.

The Throwing Clinic is a sports performance clinic for all overhead athletes. Participation is open to middle school through high school athletes and their parents/coaches. One aspect of the clinic is education about some of the common causes for injury during overhead movements, such as core weakness, muscle imbalances or incomplete strength and flexibility training. Activities include learning core muscle control, balance, hip and leg strengthening, scapular strengthening, rotator cuff exercises, and trunk and shoulder flexibility. The clinic is generally 2 hours on a Saturday morning and offered for a minimal fee. These clinics are usually scheduled during the winter, to help encourage better preparation for spring sports. 

Power-Up Golf Training

Bike Fit and Running Analysis

Biomechanical Foot Evaluation and Custom Orthotics  

ACL Prevention

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Outpatient Rehabilitation


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