Mary Claire O'Brien, M.D.Wake Forest Baptist Health

Mary Claire O'Brien, M.D.

Associate Professor,

Clinical Specialties

Emergency Medicine, Geriatrics

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Department: 336-716-2191


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Additional Languages

French, Spanish

Education & Training

  • B.A., LaSalle University , 1981
  • M.D., Temple University , 1985


  • Soc Of Academic Emergency Medi
  • Am Acad of Emergency Medicine

NPI Number

  • 1013992163
Mary Claire O'Brien, M.D.Wake Forest Baptist Health

Mary Claire O'Brien, M.D.

Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine
Office of Women in Medicine and Science
Social Sciences & Health Policy

Contact Information

Academic: 336-716-4626 | Department: 336-716-2191


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Recent Publications

O'Brien MC, McNamara RS, McCoy TP, Sutfin EL, Wolfson M, Rhodes SD. Alcohol-related injury among Greek-letter college students: defining a target population for secondary prevention. J Health Psychol. 2013;18(4):461-469.

Dunn B, McCalla C, Hiestand B, O'Brien MC. The pediatric headache that would not go away. Pediatr Emerg Care. 2013;29(12):1283-1286.

Sutfin EL, McNamara RS, Blocker JN, Ip EH, O'Brien MC, Wolfson M. Screening and brief intervention for tobacco use by student health providers on college campuses. J Am Coll Health. 2012;60(1):66-73.

Sutfin EL, McCoy TP, Berg CJ, Champion H, Helme DW, O'Brien MC, Wolfson M. Tobacco use by college students: a comparison of daily and nondaily smokers. Am J Health Behav. 2012;36(2):218-229.

Song E-Y, Leichliter JS, Bloom FR, Vissman AT, O'Brien MC, Rhodes SD. The use of prescription medications obtained from non-medical sources among immigrant Latinos in the rural southeastern U.S.. J Health Care Poor Underserved. 2012;23(2):678-693.

Wolfson M, Champion H, McCoy TP, Rhodes SD, Ip EH, Blocker JN, Martin BA, Wagoner KG, O'Brien MC, Sutfin EL, Mitra A, Durant RH. Impact of a randomized campus/community trial to prevent high-risk drinking among college students. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2012;36(10):1767-1778.

Arria AM, O'Brien MC. The 'high' risk of energy drinks [commentary]. JAMA. 2011;305(6):600-601.

O'Brien MC. Acute abdominal pain In: Tintinalli JE, Stapczynski JS, Ma OJ, Cline DM, Cydulka RK, Meckler GD, eds. Tintinalli's emergency medicine: a comprehensive study guide. 7th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill;2011: 519-527.

Rhodes SD, Fernandez FM, Leichliter JS, Vissman AT, Duck S, O'Brien MC, Miller C, Wilkin AM, Harris GA, Hostetler DM, Bloom FR. Medications for sexual health available from non-medical sources: a need for increased access to healthcare and education among immigrant Latinos in the rural southeastern USA. J Immigr Minor Health. 2011;13(6):1183-1186.

Bailey H, Bond MC, Reiter M, Moreno-Walton L, O'Brien MC, Chirurgi RJ, Barry JD, Zun LS, Foppe MA, Mills T, McNamara RM. The value of board certification and residency training in emergency medicine [newsletter article]. Common Sense (AAEM Newsl). 2011;18(3):18-20.

O'Brien MC, Arria AM, Howland J, James JE, Marczinski CA. Caffeine, alcohol, and youth: a toxic mix [roundtable discussion]. J Caffeine Res. 2011;1(1):15-21.

Ferre S, O'Brien MC. Alcohol and caffeine: the perfect storm. J Caffeine Res. 2011;1(3):153-162.

Schaus JF, Sole ML, McCoy TP, Mullett N, Bolden J, Sivasithamparam J, O'Brien MC. Screening for high-risk drinking in a college student health center: characterizing students based on quantity, frequency, and harms. J Stud Alcohol Drugs Suppl. 2009;16():34-44.

Schaus JF, Sole ML, McCoy TP, Mullett N, O'Brien MC. Alcohol screening and brief intervention in a college student health center: a randomized controlled trial. J Stud Alcohol Drugs Suppl. 2009;16():131-141.

O'Brien MC, Cline DM. Approach to abdominal pain In: Cline D, Stead LG, eds. Abdominal emergencies. New York: McGraw-Hill Medical;2008: 3-11.

O'Brien MC, McCoy TP, Rhodes SD, Wagoner A, Wolfson M. Caffeinated cocktails: energy drink consumption, high-risk drinking, and alcohol-related consequences among college students. Acad Emerg Med. 2008;15(5):453-460.

O'Brien MC, Schaus J, Mullett N, Sole ML, Rhodes S. Alcohol screening and brief intervention in a college clinic [abstract]. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2007;31(6 Suppl):264A.

Champion H, Sutfin EL, McCoy TP, O'Brien MC, Cohen G, DuRant RH, Wolfson M. Non-prescription use of stimulants among college students: associations with alcohol and other substance use [abstract]. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2007;31(6 Suppl 2):168A.

Wolfson M, DuRant R, Champion H, Ip E, McCoy T, O'Brien MC, Rhodes SD, Sutfin E, Martin BA, Wagoner K. Impact of a group-randomized trial to reduce high risk drinking by college students [abstract]. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2007;31(6 Suppl 2):115A.

O'Brien MC. Caffeinated cocktails: get wired, get drunk, get injured [abstract]. In: Program and Abstracts of the 135th APHA Annual Meeting & Exposition; 2007 Nov 3-7; Washington (DC). 2007;():166629.

O'Brien MC, Champion H, D'Agostino RB, Martin BA, McCoy TP, Wolfson M, DuRant RH. How ready are colleges for an environmental approach that utilizes campus/community coalitions?. Int Q Community Health Educ. 2006;25(3):295-305.

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Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine

Clinical Specialties

Emergency Medicine, Geriatrics

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