William Pyle Bozeman, M.D.Wake Forest Baptist Health

William Pyle Bozeman, M.D.

Associate Professor,

Clinical Specialties

Trauma Resuscitation, Tactical Medicine, Disaster Management, Emergency Medicine

Contact Information

Department: 336-716-1740


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Education & Training

  • M.D., Medical Univ Of South Carolina , 1992
  • B.S., University of the South , 1988
  • Residency, Emergency Medicine, Johns Hopkins Hosp, 1995
  • Fellowship, University of Maryland School, 1996

NPI Number

  • 1336126945
William Pyle Bozeman, M.D.Wake Forest Baptist Health

William Pyle Bozeman, M.D.

Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine

Contact Information

Department: 336-716-1740


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Recent Publications

Bozeman WP, Ali K, Winslow JE. Long QT syndrome unmasked in an adult subject presenting with excited delirium. J Emerg Med. 2013;44(2):e207-e210.

Vilke GM, Bozeman WP, Dawes DM, Demers G, Wilson MP. Excited delirium syndrome (ExDS): treatment options and considerations. J Forensic Leg Med. 2012;19(3):117-121.

Bozeman WP, Morel BM, Black TD, Winslow JE. Tactical emergency medical support programs: a comprehensive statewide survey. Prehosp Emerg Care. 2012;16(3):361-365.

Gardner AR, Hauda WE II, Bozeman WP. Conducted electrical weapon (TASER) use against minors: a shocking analysis. Pediatr Emerg Care. 2012;28(9):873-877.

Bozeman WP, Teacher E, Winslow JE.. Transcardiac conducted electrical weapon (TASER) probe deployments: incidence and outcomes. J Emerg Med. 2012;43(6):970-975.

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Crowder JS, Hubble MW, Gandhi S, McGinnis H, Zelman S, Bozeman W, Winslow J. Prehospital administration of tenecteplase for ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction in a rural EMS system. Prehosp Emerg Care. 2011;15(4):499-505.

Amandus H, Bozeman WP, Caplan YH, Clark SC, Denton JS, Flomenbaum M, Gleason L, Gunther WM, Hanzlick R, Hunsaker JC III, Morgan J, Prahlow JA, Oliver W, Sathyavagiswaran L. Study of deaths following electro muscular disruption. NIJ. 2011;May():.

Bir C, Burns T, Bozeman WP, Carlbom D, Compton MT, Dawes D, Dennis A, DiMaio TG, DiMaio VJM, Farris F, et al. Special panel review of excited delirium. NIJ. 2011;December():.

Bozeman WP, Hauda WE II, Heck JJ, Graham DD Jr, Martin BP, Winslow JE. Safety and injury profile of conducted electrical weapons used by law enforcement officers against criminal suspects. Ann Emerg Med. 2009;53(4):480-489.

Bozeman WP, Winslow JE III, Hauda WE II. Conducted electrical weapon injuries must be more broadly considered [reply to letter]. Ann Emerg Med. 2009;54(2):311-312.

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Bozeman WP. Additional information on taser safety [letter]. Ann Emerg Med. 2009;54(5):758-759.

Bozeman WP, Blankenship SB, Winslow JE. Resident involvement in tactical medicine [letter]. J Emerg Med. 2008;34(3):338-339.

Winslow JE, Hinshaw JW, Hughes MJ, Williams RC, Bozeman WP. Quantitative assessment of diagnostic radiation doses in adult blunt trauma patients. Ann Emerg Med. 2008;52(2):93-97.

Winslow JE, Bozeman WP, Fortner MC, Alson RL. Thoracic compression fractures as a result of shock from a conducted energy weapon: a case report. Ann Emerg Med. 2007;50(5):584-586.

Bozeman WP, Winslow JE III, Graham D, Martin B, Hauda WE, Heck JJ. Injury profile of electrical conducted energy weapons [abstract]. Ann Emerg Med. 2007;50(3 Suppl):S65.

Kman NE, Russell GB, Bozeman WP, Ehrman K, Winslow J. Derivation of a formula to predict patient volume based on temperature at college football games. Prehosp Emerg Care. 2007;11(4):453-457.

Nicks BA, Hill K, Chang M, Bozeman WP. Near-infrared spectroscopy during resuscitation of trauma patients predicts future development of multiple organ dysfunction [abstract]. Ann Emerg Surg. 2007;50(3 Suppl):S64.

Winslow JE III, Hughes MJ, Henshaw JW, Bozeman WP. Assessment of diagnostic radiation exposure in victims of blunt trauma [abstract]. Ann Emerg Med. 2007;50(3 Suppl):S53.

Leonard RB, Winslow JE, Bozeman WP. Planning medical care for high-risk mass gatherings. Internet J Rescue Disaster Med. 2007;6(1):.

Winslow JE III, Hill KD, Bozeman WP. Determination of optimal methods of decontamination after tear gas and pepper spray exposure [abstract]. Ann Emerg Med. 2006;48(4 Suppl):S51.

Winslow JE III, Hensberry R, Bozeman WP, Hill KD, Miller PR. Risk of thoracolumbar fractures doubled in victims of motor vehicle collisions with cervical spine fractures. J Trauma. 2006;61(3):686-687.

Barnes DG Jr, Winslow JE III, Alson RL, Johnson J, Bozeman WP. Cardiac effects of the Taser conducted energy weapon [abstract]. Ann Emerg Med. 2006;48(4 Suppl):S102.

Daniel A, Owen S, Ross A, Brown J, Ashley A, Bozeman W, Karchmer T, Williamson J, Passmore L, Morris PE, et al. A multi-department strategy for severe sepsis patient resuscitation [abstract]. Crit Care Med. 2006;34(12 Abstr Suppl):A143.

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Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine

Clinical Specialties

Trauma Resuscitation, Tactical Medicine, Disaster Management, Emergency Medicine

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