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J. Charles Eldridge, PhD

J. Charles Eldridge, PhD - Activities and Service in Research


Research Consultations  

1986-1988     Project Reviewer (ad hoc), North Carolina Governor's Program on
                            Applied Technology 

1987-2004     Consultant (ad hoc), reproductive and endocrine toxicology,
                            Syngenta Crop Protection (and predecessor corporations)

1992               Project Reviewer (ad hoc), National Institute on Aging, National
                            Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD 

1992-1995     Task Force on Mammary Tumor Research Models, Risk Science
                            Division, International Life Sciences Institute,
                            Washington, DC

1993                Project Reviewer (ad hoc), National Center for Research
                            Resources, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

1995-2010     Wake Forest University Alternate Delegate,
                            United StatesPharmacopoea

1997-date      Project Reviewer (ad hoc),
                           National Health and Environmental Effects
                           Research Laboratory,
                           US Environmental Protection Agency

2001-2005     Member,
                            Endocrine Disruptor Methods Validation Subcommittee,
                            U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC

2007-date      Member (ad hoc), FIFRA Science Advisory Panel,
                            U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC

2011                Member, Scientific Peer Review Panel, Endocrine
                            Disruptor Methods Validation, National Toxicology
                            Program, NIEHS, NIH

I also provided ad hoc service on matters of toxicology and pharmacology to private organizations, including E.I. DuPont & Co., Syngenta AG and its predecessor corporations, CeeTox, Inc., Novartis Animal Health, Inc., Covance, Inc., Battelle Memorial Institute, Griffin Chemical Co., and several law practices.    

Professional Memberships  

1967-1981      American Association for the Advancement of Science
1974-1994      American Society for Reproductive Medicine
1975-date       The Endocrine Society(emeritus)
1975-date       Society for the Study of Reproduction(emeritus)
1976-1984      American Society for Andrology
1986-date       Society for Neuroscience(emeritus)
1993-2003      International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics
2002-date       Society of Sigma Xi

Extramural Funding History – Lab Research 

1976-1978     NIH Research Grant R01-DA-00041:
                          "Phenobarbital Effects on the Developing Brain”

                          J.W. Zemp, Principal Investigator (Co-Investigator)  

1982-1985     NIH Research Grant R01-AM-31262:
                          "Adrenocortical Function in Chronic Disease”
                          J.R. Lymangrover, Principal Investigator (Co-Investigator)  

1984-1987     NIH Program Project P01-AG-04207:
                           "Stress and Aging", A. Brodish, Program Director
                            Project 06 - "Stress enhancement of reproductive senescence
                            in Fischer-344 female rats"
(Principal Investigator)
                            Core C - "Hormone assay laboratory" (Core Director)  

1987-1992     NIH Research Grant R01-DA-03637:
                           "Long-Term Effect of Delta-9-THC on BrainStructure”
                           P.W. Landfield, Principal Investigator (Co-Investigator)  

1988-2005     CIBA-Novartis-Syngenta AG Research Award:
                           "Reproductive and Endocrine Activity of Triazine Herbicides"

                            J.C. Eldridge, Principal Investigator  

1990-1992     DuPont - Ciba Research Contract:
                             "Mechanism of Triazine-Mediated Mammary Tumor
                              J.C. Eldridge, Principal Investigator  

1991-1994     NIH Research Grant R01-DA-06218:
                             "Cannabinoid Interactions with Brain Corticosteroid Receptors"
                              J.C. Eldridge, Principal Investigator   

1991-1994     NIH Center Grant P50-DA-06634:        
                           "Center for Neurobiological Investigation of Drug Abuse" 
                            J.E. Smith, Center Director
                             Core C - "Microdialysis, Neurochemistry, Neuroendocrinology"
                            (Core Co-Director)  

1992-2002     NIH Training Grant T32-DA-07246:       
                             "The Neuroscience of Drug Abuse Training Program"             
                              S.R. Childers, Program Director (Associate Faculty)   

1993-1997     NIH Research Grant R01-AG-07764:
                            "Biomarkers of Brain Aging in the Rat Hippocampus"

                            P.W. Landfield, Principal Investigator, Subcontract with
                                University of Kentucky  (Co-Investigator)   

1994-1998     NIH Center Grant P50-DA-06634:                
                            "Center for Neurobiological Investigation of Drug Abuse"
                            J.E. Smith, Center Director
                              Core B - "Tropane Evaluation and General Scientific Core"
                              (Core Co-Directors)  

1999-2001     Griffin Chemicals LLC Research Award:      
                           "Luteinizing Hormone Secretion in Sprague-Dawley Rat Models"
                            J.C. Eldridge, Principal Investigator   

2000-2004     Syngenta AG Research Award:       
                           "Models of Prepubertal Toxicity Testing"
                            J.T. Stevens, Principal Investigator (Co-Investigator)

2003-2005     U .S. Environmental Protection Agency Contract:        
                          "Estrogen Receptor Binding Competitors"
                           J.C. Eldridge, Principal Investigator

2005-2007     U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Contract:
                            “Evaluating Chemicals With Low Solubility in the Estrogen
                              Receptor Binding Assay”

                            J.C. Eldridge, Principal Investigator

Honors and Awards

1969-1971     Pre-Doctoral Fellowship (National Science Foundation), Medical
                          College of Georgia
1971-1972     INSERM Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Bordeaux, France
1995               Ciba Crop Protection Research Award, Novartis AG
2002               Distinguished Alumnus, Medical College of Georgia
2011               Outstanding Alumnus, North Central College
2013               Hall of Fame, Ottawa (IL) Township High School

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Editorial Service (research journals)  

     American Journal of Physiology
     Journal of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics
     Journal of Neuroscience
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     Toxicological Sciences
     Environmental Health Perspectives
     Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology

     Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health
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