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J. Charles Eldridge, PhD

J. Charles Eldridge, PhD - Activities in Medical Education

JC Eldridge:  Leadership Positions In Medical Education

1993-1996    Co-Director, Medical Neuroscience Course (Unit II).
For three years I was co-director of this 1st year course in the traditional curriculum that ended in 1998.  I was responsible for all assessments and for a collection of case-based, small-group exercises known as "Lesion Hunts".  I oversaw the preparation, scoring and grade assignments of the exams.  I prepared the lesion hunt case scenarios and exhibits, organized the student groups, recruited and trained faculty facilitators, and managed the schedules.  The highly successful exercises were consistently rated by students as the best aspect of the course.  

1996-1998    Director, Unit A, Parallel Curriculum.
During the final two years of its 11-year existence, I was overall director of the 1st year component of this largely PBL-like program for 24/108 students in each class.  The responsibilities were essentially management: training and counseling of the group facilitators, preparation and administration of content exams, revision of tutorial group cases, counseling students individually and in a weekly representative session, interviewing applicants for incoming classes and representing the program before the student progress and promotions board.  

1998-2007    Phase 1 Director, "A Prescription for Excellence: A Physician's Guide to Life-Long Learning".
With the development of a new, integrated curricular model for medical education, that features contextual learning and early professional development, I assumed overall leadership of the Phase 1, covering the first 30 weeks of study.  I was a principal architect of the program delivery through a server-based network to laptop computers issued to each student.  I also directed "Basic and Clinical Science Problems" (BCSP), a twice-weekly tutorial activity for groups of 6 students.  BCSP utilizes case-based, problem-based learning experiences to integrate concurrent lectures, labs and professional skills sessions.  I was principal author and editor of the Phase 1 cases, and also the cases used by the Endocrine/Reproduction block in Phase 2.  I conducted facilitator training and evaluation for the 18 small group tutorials.   

2004-date   Charter Member, Core Teaching Faculty.
In 2004, the medical school Dean invited 24 faculty leaders in education to establish the Core Teaching Faculty.  This group has been charged with assuming creative leadership to drive the future of medical education at Wake Forest.  Initially the CTF has subdivided into working groups focusing on specific objectives and goals, including curriculum delivery, student evaluation, educational research, and future curricular designs.  I am a member of working groups on faculty development, case preparation for small groups.

Administrative Service in Medical Education at Wake Forest

1988-1996      Cases & Curriculum Committee, Parallel Curriculum
1988-1998      Pharmacology Course Committee (department)
1990-1996      Evaluations Committee, Parallel Curriculum
1990-1993      Admissions Committee, Medical School
1990-1991      Scholarship Subcommittee, Admissions Committee
1991-1996      Administrative Committee, Parallel Curriculum
1993-1996      Student Promotions & Progress Committee
1993-1996      Course Co-Director, Medical Neuroscience Course, Unit II
1993-1996      Unit II Administrative Committee, Traditional Curriculum
1994              LCME Cross-Departmental Review Committee
1995-1996      Admissions Committee, Parallel Curriculum
1995-1996      Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Development
1996              Ad Hoc Committee on Community Medicine Programs
1996-1997      Ad Hoc Committee on Standardized Patients
1996-2007      Committee on Undergraduate Medical Education
1996-1998      Subcommittee on Problem Solving/Clinical Reasoning Skills
1996-1998      Associate Dean's Committee of Unit Chairs
1996-1998      Chair, Unit A Committee, Parallel Curriculum
1999-2001      LCME Steering Committee to Review Medical Curriculum
2001-2004      Co-Director, Teaching Advancement Program for Faculty Development
2003              Select Advisory Group on Strategic Planning
2004-date      Charter member, Core Teaching Faculty   

"Prescription for Excellence" Curriculum - Planning and Design  

1996               Committee on Programs at Other Institutions
1997-1998      Chair, Committee on Computers and Information Technology
1997-1998      Laptop Selection and Design Group
1997-1998      Hardware and Facilities Renovation  

"Prescription for Excellence" Curriculum - Implementation 

1998-2007      Chair, Phase 1 Committee
1998-2007      Course Director, Basic & Clinical Science Problems Course
1998-2007      Phase Chairs Committee (Curriculum Executive Management)
1998-2002      Evaluations Committee
2001-date       Cultural Competency Team
2002-2006      Information Technology Committee
2004-date       Curriculum Development Committee 

Professional Activities in Medical Education

Professional Memberships

1989-date       Association of American Medical Colleges, Group on Education Affairs
1993-date       International Association of Medical Science Educators (charter member)  

Consultation and Service 

1991-1992Saudi National Medical Board Preparation Program
1993-date   Consultant, Center of Excellence for Research, Teaching and Learning, Wake Forest School of Medicine
1994-1996Editorial Service, Harwell Medical Book Publishers
1995-date      Alternate Delegate, United States Pharmacopeia Quintennial Assembly
1999-2003Section Editor for Medical Education, Interactive Multimedia Electronic Journal of Computer-Enhanced Learning 
1999-2003Consultant for Curriculum Development, Medical University of South Carolina
1999-2002     Managing Editor, Basic Science Educator
2001-2006Member, National Advisory Panel for FIPSE Team Learning Project, Baylor College of Medicine
2001-2004Consultant for Curriculum Development, Mayo Medical School
2002-2006     Adjunct Faculty, Macy Institute for Medical Educators, Harvard Medical School

Peer Reviewer, Scholarship in Teaching Awards, Case Western-Reserve University School of Medicine

2003-2005Consultant for Medical Student Core Competencies, Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics
2003-2004Nominating Committee, International Association of Medical Science Educators


Awards in Teaching and Education

1977-1978Teaching Excellence Award, Medical Technology Program, Medical University of South Carolina
1988-1991Merit Award, Parallel Curriculum,  Bowman Gray School of Medicine
2001Macy Foundation Scholar, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
2001Outstanding Program Award, Association of Teachers of Preventative Medicine Annual Meeting
2004Charter Member, Core Teaching Faculty, WFU School of Medicine
2007Basic Science Teaching Award, WFU Medical Class of 2009
2008Special Recognition for Diversity Initiatives, WFU School of Medicine
2009Basic Science Teaching Award, WFU Medical Class of 2010

Sponsored Research Projects in Education
1992-1993Sticht Center on Aging Grant Program, Bowman Gray School of Medicine "Development and Implementation of a Gerontology/Geriatrics Curriculum for the Bowman Gray School of Medicine Parallel Education Track” F.S. Celestino, M.G. Camp, Co-Directors (Associate Faculty)
2001-2004American College of Rheumatology, Clinical Scholar Education Award: “Case-Based Learning Exercises for Clerkship Rotations" Kenneth S. O'Rourke, Principal Investigator (Associate Faculty)
2001-2006National Board of Medical Examiners, Stemmler Medical Education Research Fund: "Measures of Professionalism in Medical Students" George A. Nowacek, Principal Investigator (Associate Faculty)
2005-2008National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute, NIH K01-02750: Medical Student Training Program Targeting Health Disparities” Sonia J. Crandall, Principal Investigator (Advisory Board Member)
2005-2009National Science Foundation 0530028: “Problem-Based Learning for Ethics:  Graduate Curriculum for Science and Engineering” (Principal Investigator)


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