Instructor-Led Classes

Low to High Intensity

Arthritis Class I
This low intensity aquatic program includes a series of Arthritis Foundation approved exercises which can help improve joint flexibility, and reduce pain and stiffness; also a good class for people dealing with fibromyalgia.

Mon and Wed at 11:00 am - Fee:  $35/month

Mon, Wed, Friday at 2:00 pm - Fee:  $50/month

Tue and Thu at 11:00 am - Fee:  $35/month

Tue and Thu at 3:00 pm - Fee:  $35/month

Cardio Splash Class
Mon, Wed, Fri at 10:00 am
A cardiovascular exercise program for adults designed to help you improve your cardiovascular endurance with moderate impact on your joints.
Fee: $50/month

Pool Sharks  (Moderate to High Intensity)
Mon, Wed, Fri at 3:00 pm 
A moderate to high intensity/impact class designed to improve fitness, increase tone/flexibility and help increase cardiovascular endurance.
Fee: $50/month

Mix It Up!  (High Intensity)
Tue and Thu at 1:00 pm
High Intensity exercises and toning!
Fee: $35/month 

Aqua Ducks  (Low Intensity)
Mon, Wed, Fri at 1:00 pm
Low intensity program with specially designed exercises utilizing equipment.
Fee: $50/month

Salemtowne Pool - Open To The Community

Arthritis Class
Mon and Wed at 12:00 pm
Fee:  $35/month

This is a low intensity exercise program to help decrease symptoms and improve overall fitness with exercises specifically designed for people with arthritis.  Instructors are certified by the Arthritis Foundation.

AI CHI at Salemtowne Pool
Mon & Wed at 1:00 pm
This 45 minute aquatic class uses flowing, yet powerful progressions combining deep breathing with slow, broad movements of arms, legs, and torso; gentle stretching and range of motion and excellent deep breathing exercise.  It is like Tai Chi in the water!
Fee:  $35/month

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