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Eisenach's Research Garners NIH Merit Award

Center for Biomolecular Imaging

3-D Rendered Head

Kinect Technology Advances Surgery

Center for Injury Biomechanics

Morphometric Analysis of Age and Gender-Related Changes in the Rib Cage

Comparative Medicine

Spotlight on Dr. Jay Kaplan

Spotlight on Kylie Kavanagh, DVM


Insulin Resistance Linked to Race


Genomics: Advancing Rapidly Toward Individualized Care


Clinical Trial of New Less Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement Procedure

Neurobiology & Anatomy

Individual Differences in the Experience of Pain


Searching for a Cure: Research Focus on Rapid-Onset Dystonia-Parkinsonism


"Designer Protein" Opens the Door in Brain Tumor Research

Regenerative Medicine

ABCs of Organ Engineering

Applying Regenerative Medicine to Military Applications

Engineering A Blood Vessel

Engineering an Organ or Tissue

Growing Fingers and Limbs in the Lab

Improving Mensicus Surgery

A New Source of Skin for Grafts?

Oxygen Producing Gel

Quality Checks with High-Powered Microscopes

Regenerative Medicine 101

Selecting Materials for Scaffolds: Robotics Speeds the Process

Testing Function with Organ Bath Experiments

Using Ink Jet Technology to "Print" Organs and Tissues


Anti-seizure Drug Could Be Effective for Lupus Patients

Kidney Disease in Lupus

New Biomarkers for Lupus Found

Targeted Treatment Strategies for Lupus

Treating End-Stage Renal Disease in Lupus

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