For specific inquiries regarding research fellowships, technical lab positions, and studenships please contact directly Dr. James Eisenach at or by phone at 336-716-4182.  Alternatively, for specific projects which interest you, please click on the faculty in charge.

Positions Available:

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
  • Lab Technician
  • Graduate Studentship
  • Undergraduate Projects

Graduate, Medical Students and Postdoctoral Fellows Trained

 1987-1989Mario Castro, PhD  
 1988Scott Brandt, MD
 1989David Limauro, MD
 1989-1991 Chuanyao Tong, MD
 1990-1991  Brenda Bucklin MD
 1991Julie Williams, MD                                 
1991-1992Dawn Detweiler, MD
1991-1992Young Yoon, MD
1992Anand Lothe, MD
1992-1994 Carswell Jackson, MD 
1992-1993 Ping Li, MD 
1993Cameron Hewitt, MD
1993-1994Herve Bouaziz, MD
1994Walter Klimscha, MD 
 1995Gyongyi Horvath, MD 
1996 George Rose, MD 
1996Sergio Cerda, MD 
1996Robert Leinbach, MD 
1996-1997Ho-Kyung Song, MD
1996-2000Hui-Lin Pan, PhD
1997-1998Astrid Chiari, MD 
1997-1998Patricia Lavand’homme, MD
1998Josenilia Gomes, MD
1998-1999Edward Cheng, MD
1998-1999Xavier Paqueron, MD 
1998-2000 Xinhui Li, PhD
1999Stephanie Fidner
1999Neal Dongre
1999-2000Zihong Zhao, PhD
1999-2000Andreas Sandner-Liesling, MD 
1999-2002Carsten Bantel, MD
2000-2002Frederic Duflo, MD
2000-2002 Michelle Vincler, PhD

2000-2005Xiaoying Zhu, PhD, WFUSM Outstanding Doctoral Student 
2001-2002Carlo Pancaro, MD 
2001-2002Sang-Wook Shu, MD
2001-2002 Yoo-Jin Kang, MD 
2001-2003Carine Dalle, PhD
2002-2004Yong Zhang, PhD
2002-2004Hideaki Obata, MD
2003Corbin Meachum (Undergraduate)
2003Emily Brown (Undergraduate)
2003-2005Alfonso Romero, PhD
2004-2006Baogang Liu, PhD 
2004-2006 Ken-ichiro Hayashida, DVM, PhD
2004-2008Douglas Ririe, MD
2006-2008Russell Schwarte, PhD
2006-2008Samuel Franklin, PhD
2008-2011Christopher Peters, PhD
2009-2011Mario Danilo Boada, PhD 
2010-2012Silvia Gutierrez, PhD
2010-2012 Shotaro Hobo, MD
2011-2012 Marcia Redua, DVM, PhD
2011-Present Amie Severino (Graduate Student)
2012-2014 Takashi Suto, MD, PhD 
2012-2014 Steven Lombardo, MS (Fulbright Fellow) 
2014-Present Michael Henry Harris, MD 
2014-Present Vipin Arora, PhD 
2014-Present Masafumi Kimura, MD, PhD 
2014-Present Carlos Eduardo Urbina Morado 


Sabbatical Visitors Trained

 2000 Patricia Lavand’homme, M.D.
Universite Catholique de Louvain
 2002 Phil Malan, M.D.
University of Arizona
 2007Sibel Gurun, M.D. (Fulbright Fellow)
University of Bursa, Turkey



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