Chris Peters Lab Publications

Hayashida K, Peters CM, Gutierrez S, Eisenach JC. (2012) Depletion of endogenous noradrenaline does not prevent spinal cord plasticity following peripheral nerve injury. J. of Pain. 13(1):49-57

Peters CM, Hayashida K, Ewan EE, Nakajima K, Obata, H, Xu Q, Yaksh TL, Eisenach JC. (2010) Lack of analgesic efficacy of spinal ondansetron on thermal and mechanical hypersensitivity following spinal nerve ligation in the rat. Brain Research. 1352: 83-93.

Peters CM, Eisenach JC. (2010) Contribution of the chemokine (C-C Motif) ligand 2 (CCL2) to mechanical hypersensitivity after surgical incision in rats. Anesthesiology. 112; 1250-1258.

Peters CM, Jimenez-Andrade JM, Kuskowski MA, Ghilardi JR, Mantyh PW. (2007) An evolving cellular pathology occurs in dorsal root ganglia, peripheral nerve and spinal cord following intravenous administration of paclitaxel in the rat. Brain Research.  1168:46-59 

Peters CM, Jimenez-Andrade JM, Jonas BM, Sevcik MA, Koewler NJ, Ghilardi JR, Wong GY, Mantyh PW. (2007) Intravenous paclitaxel administration in the rat induces a peripheral sensory neuropathy characterized by macrophage infiltration and injury to sensory neurons and their supporting cells. Experimental Neurology. 203(1):42-54.  

Peters CM, Ghilardi JR, Keyser CP, Kubota K, Lindsay TH, Luger NM, Mach DB, Schwei MJ, Sevcik MA, Mantyh PW. (2005) Tumor-induced injury of primary afferent sensory nerve fibers occurs in bone cancer pain. Experimental  Neurology 193 :85-100. 

Peters CM, Rogers SD, Pomonis JD, Egnaczyk GF, Keyser CP, Schmidt JA, Ghilardi JR, Maggio JE, Mantyh PW. (2003) Endothelin receptor expression in the normal and injured spinal cord: potential involvement in injury-induced ischemia and gliosis. Experimental Neurology. 180(1):1-13 

Peters CM, Lindsay TH, Pomonis JD, Luger NM, Ghilardi JR, Sevcik MA, Mantyh PW. (2004)  Endothelin and the tumorigenic component of bone cancer pain. Neuroscience. 126 (4):1043-52. 

Pomonis JD, Rogers SD, Peters CM, Ghilardi JR, Mantyh PW. (2001) Expression and localization of endothelin receptors: implications for the involvement of peripheral glia in nociception. Journal of Neuroscience. 21(3):999-1006.

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