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Recent Publications

  1. Kharasch ED, Eisenach JC. Wherefore gabapentinoids?: Was there rush too soon to judgment? [editorial]. Anesthesiology. 2016;124(1):10-12.
  2. Boada MD, Eisenach JC, Ririe DG. Mechanical sensibility of nociceptive and non-nociceptive fast-conducting afferents is modulated by skin temperature. J Neurophysiol. 2016;115(1):546-553.
  3. Arora V, Morado-Urbina CE, Aschenbrenner CA, Hayashida KI, Wang F, Martin TJ, Eisenach JC, Peters CM. Disruption of spinal noradrenergic activation delays recovery of acute incision-induced hypersensitivity and increases spinal glial activation in the rat. J Pain. 2016;17(2):190-202.
  4. Eisenach JC, Warner DS, Houle TT. Reporting of preclinical research in anesthesiology: transparency and enforcement [editorial]. Anesthesiology. 2016;124(4):763-765.
  5. Zeidan F, Adler-Neal AL, Wells RE, Stagnaro E, May LM, Eisenach JC, McHaffie JG, Coghill RC. Mindfulness-meditation-based pain relief is not mediated by endogenous opioids. J Neurosci. 2016;36(11):3391-3397.
  6. Eisenach JC, Kheterpal S, Houle TT. Reporting of observational research in anesthesiology: the importance of the analysis plan [editorial]. Anesthesiology. 2016;124(5):998-1000.
  7. Boada MD, Gutierrez S, Aschenbrenner CA, Houle TT, Hayashida KI, Ririe DG, Eisenach JC. Nerve injury induces a new profile of tactile and mechanical nociceptor input from undamaged peripheral afferents. J Neurophysiol. 2015;113(1):100-109.
  8. Eisenach JC, Tong C, Curry R. Phase 1 safety assessment of intrathecal oxytocin. Anesthesiology. 2015;122(2):407-413.
  9. Martin TJ, Grigg A, Kim SA, Ririe DG, Eisenach JC. Assessment of attention threshold in rats by titration of visual cue duration during the five choice serial reaction time task. J Neurosci Methods. 2015;241():37-43.
  10. Eisenach JC, Tong C, Curry RS. Failure of intrathecal ketorolac to reduce remifentanil-induced postinfusion hyperalgesia in humans. Pain. 2015;156(1):81-87.
  11. Peters CM, Hayashida KI, Suto T, Houle TT, Aschenbrenner CA, Martin TJ, Eisenach JC. Individual differences in acute pain-induced endogenous analgesia predict time to resolution of postoperative pain in the rat. Anesthesiology. 2015;():.
  12. Rauck RL, North J, Eisenach JC. Intrathecal clonidine and adenosine: effects on pain and sensory processing in patients with chronic regional pain syndrome. Pain. 2015;156(1):88-95.
  13. Tedeschi V, Rathmell JP, Eisenach JC. Finding and getting what you want when you want it just got easier at ANESTHESIOLOGY [editorial]. Anesthesiology. 2015;122(3):491-494.
  14. Eisenach JC, Rathmell JP. Complexities of basic science [reply to letter]. Anesthesiology. 2014;120(1):238-239.
  15. Suto T, Severino AL, Eisenach JC, Hayashida KI. Gabapentin increases extracellular glutamatergic level in the locus coeruleus via astroglial glutamate transporter-dependent mechanisms. Neuropharmacology. 2014;81():95-100.
  16. Yaksh TL, Hobo S, Peters C, Osborn KG, Richter PJ Jr, Rossi SS, Grafe MR, Eisenach JC. Preclinical toxicity screening of intrathecal oxytocin in rats and dogs. Anesthesiology. 2014;120(4):951-961.
  17. Peters CM, Ririe D, Houle TT, Aschenbrenner CA, Eisenach JC. Nociceptor-selective peripheral nerve block induces delayed mechanical hypersensitivity and neurotoxicity in rats. Anesthesiology. 2014;120(4):976-986.
  18. Street LM, Matheson D, Mill MP [sic] [Mills MP], Nitsche JF, Pinyan CW, Eisenach J. Snoring frequency increases during pregnancy and is associated with hypertension and cesarean delivery for labor dystocia [abstract]. In: Abstracts of the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA); 2014 May 14-18; Toronto, Ontario Canada. 2014;():374.
  19. Lombardo S, Peters C, Eisenach J. The effects of nerve injury on the expression of vasopressin receptor V1aR in the dorsal root ganglia [abstract]. J Pain. 2014;15(4 Suppl 1):S48. 
  20. Suto T, Eisenach JC, Hayashida KI. Peripheral nerve injury and gabapentin, but not their combination, impair attentional behavior via direct effects on noradrenergic signaling in the brain. Pain. 2014;():. 
  21. Pan PH, Eisenach JC. The pain of childbirth and its effect on the mother and the fetus In: Chestnut DH, Wong CA, Tsen LC, Ngan Kee WD, Beilin Y, Mhyre JM, Nathan N, eds. Chestnut's obstetric anesthesia: principles and practice. 5th ed. Philadelphia: Elsevier;2014: 410-426. 
  22. Eisenach JC, Houle TT. Replication to advance science: changes in ANESTHESIOLOGY [editorial]. Anesthesiology. 2014;():. 
  23. Gutierrez S, Hayashida K, Eisenach JC. The puerperium alters spinal cord plasticity following peripheral nerve injury. Neuroscience. 2013;228():301-308. 
  24. Kimura M, Hayashida K, Eisenach JC, Saito S, Obata H. Relief of hypersensitivity after nerve injury from systemic donepezil involves spinal cholinergic and gamma-aminobutyric acid mechanisms. Anesthesiology. 2013;118(1):173-180. 
  25. Gutierrez S, Liu B, Hayashida K, Houle TT, Eisenach JC. Reversal of peripheral nerve injury-induced hypersensitivity in the postpartum period: role of spinal oxytocin. Anesthesiology. 2013;118(1):152-159. 
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  27. Eisenach JC. Case reports are leaving Anesthesiology, but not the specialty [editorial]. Anesthesiology. 2013;118(3):479-480. 
  28. Pan PH, Tonidandel AM, Aschenbrenner CA, Houle TT, Harris LC, Eisenach JC. Predicting acute pain after cesarean delivery using three simple questions. Anesthesiology. 2013;118(5):1170-1179. 
  29. Turner D, Miller S, Aschenbrenner C, Houle T, Eisenach J. Predicting pain after joint surgery [abstract]. J Pain. 2013;14(4 Suppl 1):S15. 
  30. Yoshizumi M, Eisenach JC, Hayashida K. Valproate prevents dysregulation of spinal glutamate and reduces the development of hypersensitivity in rats after peripheral nerve injury. J Pain. 2013;14(11):1485-1491. 
  31. Eisenach JC. Patient safety: ANESTHESIOLOGY contributions and supplements to the American Society of Anesthesiologists' annual meeting [editorial]. Anesthesiology. 2013;119(4):745-746. 
  32. Wells RE, Burch R, Paulsen R, Wayne P, Aschenbrenner C, Houle TT, Eisenach JC, Loder E. Meditation for migraines: a pilot randomized controlled trial [abstract]. Cephalalgia. 2013;33(8 Suppl):96-97.
  33. Hayashida K-i, Peters CM, Gutierrez S, Eisenach JC. Depletion of endogenous noradrenaline does not prevent spinal cord plasticity following peripheral nerve injury. J Pain. 2012;13(1):49-57.
  34. Yoshizumi M, Eisenach JC, Hayashida K-i. Riluzole and gabapentinoids activate glutamate transporters to facilitate glutamate-induced glutamate release from cultured astrocytes. Eur J Pharmacol. 2012;677(1-3):87-92.
  35. Hobo S, Hayashida K-i, Eisenach JC. Oxytocin inhibits the membrane depolarization-induced increase in intracellular calcium in capsaicin sensitive sensory neurons: a peripheral mechanism of analgesic action. Anesth Analg. 2012;114(2):442-449.
  36. Turner DP, Smitherman TA, Eisenach JC, Penzien DB, Houle TT. Predictors of headache before, during, and after pregnancy: a cohort study. Headache. 2012;52(3):348-362.
  37. Martucci K, Eisenach J, North J, Rauck R, Tong C, Wilson K, Coghill R. Offset analgesia in complex regional pain syndrome [abstract]. J Pain. 2012;13(4 Suppl):S47.
  38. Devereaux PJ, Chan MTV, Eisenach J, Schricker T, Sessler DI. The need for large clinical studies in perioperative medicine [editorial]. Anesthesiology. 2012;116(6):1169-1175.
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  40. Yoshizumi M, Parker RA, Eisenach JC, Hayashida K-i. Gabapentin inhibits gamma-amino butyric acid release in the locus coeruleus but not in the spinal dorsal horn after peripheral nerve injury in rats. Anesthesiology. 2012;116(6):1347-1353.
  41. Hayashida K-i, Kimura M, Yoshizumi M, Hobo S, Obata H, Eisenach JC. Ondansetron reverses antihypersensitivity from clonidine in rats after peripheral nerve injury: role of gamma-aminobutyric acid in alpha2-adrenoceptor and 5-HT3 serotonin receptor analgesia. Anesthesiology. 2012;117(2):389-398.
  42. Eisenach JC. Flawed model misrepresents the impact of anesthesiologists to patient safety in the real world [reply to letter]. Anesthesiology. 2012;117(2):441.
  43. Boada MD, Gutierrez S, Giffear K, Eisenach JC, Ririe DG. Skin incision-induced receptive field responses of mechanosensitive peripheral neurons are developmentally regulated in the rat. J Neurophysiol. 2012;108(4):1122-1129.
  44. Eisenach JC. It's a bright and sunny day: anesthesiology in 2011 [editorial]. Anesthesiology. 2011;114(1):24.
  45. Hayashida K-i, Eisenach JC. A tropomyosine receptor kinase inhibitor blocks spinal neuroplasticity essential for the anti-hypersensitivity effects of gabapentin and clonidine in rats with peripheral nerve injury. J Pain. 2011;12(1):94-100.
  46. Eisenach JC. Note of editorial concern [editorial]. Anesthesiology. 2011;115(3):463.
  47. Hobo S, Eisenach JC, Hayashida K-i. Up-regulation of spinal glutamate transporters contributes to anti-hypersensitive effects of valproate in rats after peripheral nerve injury. Neurosci Lett. 2011;502(1):52-55.
  48. Eisenach JC. FAER and others: thanks for 25 years of doing more than funding research [editorial]. Anesthesiology. 2011;115(4):667-668.
  49. Boada MD, Gutierrez S, Houle T, Eisenach JC, Ririe DG. Developmental differences in peripheral glabrous skin mechanosensory nerve receptive field and intracellular electrophysiologic properties: phenotypic characterization in infant and juvenile rats. Int J Dev Neurosci. 2011;29(8):847-854.
  50. Hains LE, Loram LC, Taylor FR, Strand KA, Wieseler JL, Barrientos RM, Young JJ, Frank MG, Sobesky J, Martin TJ, Eisenach JC, Maier SF, Johnson JD, Fleshner M, Watkins LR. Prior laparotomy or corticosterone potentiates lipopolysaccharide-induced fever and sickness behaviors. J Neuroimmunol. 2011;239(1-2):53-60.
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