Mass Spectrometer

Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer



Waters Q-TOF ApcI US

LockSpray enabled exact mass measurements
The mass accuracy variation is less than 3 ppm

Lower detection limit is less than 3 fmole

Data Directed Analysis

Digital Dead Time Correction Technology

Interfaced with a Waters Cap LC

The Q-TOF gives investigators access to new, powerful proteomic technology while at the same time facilitating analysis of complex lipids. Q-TOF advantages include precise mass measurement (± 3 ppm), sensitivity (< 3 fmole) coupled with the MS/MS capability of sequencing peptides and analyze post-translational modifications. Protein identification is conveniently performed on proteolytic digests (generally trypsin) that are separated on a capillary HPLC column before analysis. Samples are usually separated by 1-dimensional PAGE before digestion. The Q-TOF was purchased with funds from the NIH Shared Instrumentation Program. The Q-TOF was recently interfaced to an Advion Nanomate source that increased sensitivity and reduce ion suppression. Funding was obtained from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.


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Mass Spectrometer Facility
Department of Biochemistry
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