A Spectrum of 7T microMRI Images

Four-chamber view of a rat's heart acquired using the 7T's Fast Low Angle Shot gradient echo pulse sequence.


Examples of In Vivo Diffusion Tensor Imaging

7T in vivo DTI weighted images

7T in vivo DTI images


Examples of Gated Cardiac Imaging


7T Cardiac Gated Imaging

Image above and to the left is an in vivo rat heart imaged on the long axis cine. The image above and to the right is an in vivo rat heart, short axis cine with tagging.


Examples of Single Voxel Proton Spectroscopy

7T single voxel proton spectroscopy

Above and to the left are in vivo images of the hippocampus of a 7-day-old rat pup, and below them are vivo images of a non-human primate brain.

Last Updated: 10-05-2015
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