CT Facility


GE 16-slice PET/CT Discovery ST Scanner

CBI's CT facility is located on the ground floor of the MRI Building and houses a GE 16-slice PET/CT Discovery ST 16 Scanner, which has 24 detector rings that provide 47 contiguous image planes over a maximum 70 cm transaxial field of view with CT attenuation correction. Axial spatial resolution of this scanner is 3.27 mm at the center of the gantry. Data acquisition modes include static, dynamic, whole body, and gated. The room is equipped with anesthesia gases and exhaust for scavenging the gases. There is a dedicated viewing area to interpret scans and a data analysis room.  In addition, a dedicated research PACS for PET has been created to store PET data in DICOM format (images and raw data).

The scanner has high-sensitivity, uniform spatial resolution across the whole field of view and includes a laser alignment system for accurate positioning. Advanced detector technology - BGO crystals (6.3 mm transaxial, 6.3 mm axial, 30 mm radial) for high sensitivity and photo-fraction. There are 10,080 individual cut crystals for efficient light detection arranged in 24 rings of 420 crystals each. The large detector ring produces uniform resolution important for whole body imaging, especially for lymph nodes under the arm and where skin lesions can be on distant parts of the body. Thick, long-bore collimators and end-shield caps reduce scatter and random events. Excellent electronics provide high bandwidth, and very high count rate capability with low dead time. It features a large display panel for easy monitoring with bilaterally placed control panels for easy access. The scanner has fast movement with simultaneous up/in or down/out with convenient foot pedals for up/down, and it accommodates patients that weigh up to 400 lbs.

The facility is equipped with all necessary supplies. There is a dedicated participant dressing and waiting area. A dedicated CT registered technologist performs the scanning.

All image data is HIPAA compliant and can be networked (DICOM format) to GE Workstations, TeraRecon servers, Mac workstations, or other servers for analysis by investigators.

Last Updated: 08-14-2014
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