Kinect Technology Advances Surgery

Kinect Sensor Allows Surgeons to Manipulate 3D CT Images in Midair

This video demonstrates using a Kinect sensor (typically used with an X-Box 360 video gaming platform) to control 3D rendered CT images using TeraRecon technology. This advancement is being developed at the Center for Biomolecular Imaging at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, part of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. At the CBI, we take stacks of 2D images from a CT scan and render them in 3D using software by TeraRecon, Inc. Typically, we use a mouse to control the 3D rendering system to rotate and view the images. Using the Kinect sensor, a surgeon can manipulate the 3D visualization in midair without having to move the mouse, thus enhancing surgical technique and outcome.

Last Updated: 03-14-2014
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