Amanda Cox, PhD

Post Doctoral Fellow
Department of Biochemistry
Diabetes Research Center
Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine Research

B.BiomedSci, 2001, University of Newcastle (Australia)
B.BiomedSci (Hons), 2002, University of Newcastle (Australia)
PhD, 2008, University of Newcastle (Australia)
GradCertPPT, 2009, University of Newcastle (Australia)

Research Project 

The risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) is increased among people suffering from type 2 diabetes: various forms of CVD account for greater than 65% of all deaths in type 2 diabetics. The biological mechanisms which link type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease are not yet fully understood. The current phase of the Diabetes Heart Study (DHS) is centered around a genome-wide association study to further examine genetic associations with subclinical measures of cardiovascular disease in individuals with type 2 diabetes. 

Personal Background 

I completed an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science in 2001 followed by an Honors in Biomedical Science 2002. After almost two years working in clinical trials and research assistant positions, I started my PhD project through collaboration with the Australian Institute of Sport (Canberra, Australia) which I completed in 2008. Before joining Wake Forest School of Medicine, I completed a two year post-doc position in the Centre for Bioinformatics, Biomarker Discovery and Information-based Medicine Research at Hunter Medical Research Institute (Newcastle Australia) examining genetic variation in specific population groups.

Selected Publications 

AJ Cox, MR Wing, JJ Carr, RC Hightower, SC Smith, JXu, LE Wagenknecht, DW Bowden, BI Freedman. (2011). Association of PNPLA3 SNP rs738409 with liver density in African Americans with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Diabetes & Metabolism (accepted May 2011). 

ME Rudock, AJ Cox, JT Ziegler, AB Lehtinen, JJ Connelly, BI Freedman, JJ Carr, CD Langefeld, ER Hauser, BD Horne, DW Bowden (2011). Cigarette Smoking Status has a modifying effect on the association between Polymorphisms in KALRN and Measures of Cardiovascular Risk in the Diabetes Heart Study. Genes and Genomics (accepted May 2011). 

S Agarwal, T Morgan, DM Herrington, JXu, AJ Cox, BI Freedman, JJ Carr, DW Bowden. (2011). Risk Stratification in a Diabetic Population with Metabolic Syndrome using coronary calcium scores: Diabetes Heart Study. Diabetes Care 34: 1219-1224. 

AB Lehtinen, AJ Cox,JT Ziegler, VS Voruganti, JXu, BI Freedman, JJ Carr, AG Comuzzie, CD Langefeld, DW Bowden. (2011).Genetic Mapping of Vascular Calcified Plaque Loci on Chromosome 16p in European Americans from the Diabetes Heart Study. Annals of Human Genetics. 75: 222-235. 

DW Bowden, AJ Cox, BI Freedman, CE Hugenschimdt, LE Wagenknecht, DHerrington, S Agarwal, TD Register, JA Maldjian, MC-Y Ng, F-C Hsu, CD Langefeld, JD Williamson, JJ Carr. (2010). The Diabetes Heart Study Family of Studies: A Comprehensively Examined Sample for Genetic and Epidemiological Studies of Type 2 Diabetes and its Complications. The Review of Diabetic Studies. 7: 188-202. 

AJ Cox, DB Pyne, M Gleeson, R Callister, PA Fricker, RJ Scott. (2010). Cytokine Gene Polymorphisms and Risk for Upper Respiratory Symptoms in Highly-trained Athletes. Exercise Immunology Review. 16: 8-21. 

AJ Cox, DB Pyne, M Gleeson, R Callister. (2009).Relationship between C-reactive protein concentration and cytokine responses to exercise in healthy and illness-prone runners. European Journal of Applied Physiology. 107: 611-614. 

AJ Cox, DB Pyne, GR Cox, R Callister, M Gleeson. (2008). Pre-exercise carbohydrate status influences carbohydrate-mediated attenuation of post-exercise cytokine responses. International Journal of Sports Medicine. 29: 1003-1009. 

AJ Cox, DB Pyne, PU Saunders, R Callister, M Gleeson. (2007). Cytokine Responses to Treadmill Running in Healthy and Illness-prone Athletes. Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise. 39(11): 1918-1926.


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