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About Us

The goal of the Analytical Imaging Facility is to provide equipment for the acquisition and analysis of images from radioactive, fluorescent, or chemiluminescent samples such as agarose and polyacrylamide gels, membranes, microplates, and microarrays.  

Areas of Focus 

Use of instrumentation is available to all investigators at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

Services We Provide

Our services include:


The instrumentation available includes a Typhoon 9210, a Typhoon Trio, and a Fuji LAS-3000 Imager.

  • Typhoon Imagers
    The Typhoon Imagers allow for indirect phosphor imaging of 3H, 14C, 125I, 32P, 33P, 35S or other radioactive signals from gels or membranes. Users provide their own phosphor storage screens for these applications; Image Erasers are available in the facility. The Typhoon 9210 has two excitation lasers (532/633) for visualization of red- and green-excited fluorophores. This instrument has resolution down to ???M, which allows for analysis of microarrays. The Typhoon Trio has three excitation lasers (488/532/633) for direct excitation of red-, green-, and blue-excited fluorophores as well as chemifluorescent samples. With six emission filters, this allows for scanning of up to four fluorescent dyes in one sample.
  • LAS-3000 Imager
    The LAS-3000 is a CCD camera-based system, which allows for detection of chemiluminescent and UV/fluorescent signals.


ImageQuant TL7.0 and ImageQuant 5.2 software is available on computers in the facility for the analysis of 8 to 16 bit grayscale TIFF, .gel, or .ds files captured by these or other imagers.

 Usage and Training

  • Users pay an annual user fee, which allows for unlimited scanning on any of the instruments
  • Usage of the instruments must be recorded on the provided sign-in sheets
  • New users on any of the instruments must first attend a training session

For training on use of the Typhoon Imagers, please contact Dr. Fred Perrino (336-716-4349). For training on the use of the LAS-3000 Imager, please contact Dr. Linda Metheny-Barlow (336-713-7636).


 Published Research

Recent manuscripts including data acquired on Analytical Imaging Facility instrumentation:

 Contact Us

  • The Analytical Imaging Facility is located in Hanes 4048.
  • For additional questions or to request assistance, please contact Dr. Linda Metheny-Barlow at 336-713-7636.
Last Updated: 08-05-2014
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