Clinical Research Program

The Comprehensive Cancer Center at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center offers more cancer-related clinical trials than any other hospital in western North Carolina. 

Patients with virtually any type of cancer have the opportunity to participate in one of nearly 250 research studies conducted by oncologists from the Comprehensive Cancer Center or by one of the other leading cancer researchers around the country with whom we collaborate.

Most of the studies combine conventional treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, as well as novel molecular therapeutic approaches such as fusion toxins, targeted agents and gene therapy, to name a few.

Our Cancer Center also utilizes integrative approaches with complementary and alternative medicines, including vitamin and nutritional therapies, in both cancer treatment and symptom management research. We firmly believe that “research cures cancer” and so do the 1,000 or more of our patients per year who enroll in one or more of our innovative clinical trials. These trials originate from the Cancer Center or one of the national Cooperative Groups of which we are a member:

In addition, the Comprehensive Cancer Center of Wake Forest University is a National Cancer Institute (NCI) funded Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP) Research Base. As one of only 6 Cancer Center CCOP Research Bases in the country, this allows Wake Forest Baptist’s oncology clinical trials, designed and conducted by our oncologists, to be performed in community cancer centers all across the country.  

Currently, about 30 community centers in 10 states located the southeast, midwest, and southwest United States participate in cancer treatment and symptom management studies. These studies address important issues such as fatigue, weight loss, hot flashes, depression, cognitive function and nutrition in cancers of the brain, breast, cervix, head and neck, lung, ovary and prostate, as well as soft tissue sarcomas and metastatic disease.

The Clinical Research Program of the Comprehensive Cancer Center of Wake Forest University (CCCWFU) is organized around three themes:

  • Therapeutic Modulation focuses on novel local, regional and systemic treatments for cancer, a number of which have translated from laboratory research discoveries by Cancer Center basic scientists into the clinic.
  • Bioanatomic Imaging is based on the use of anatomic, biologic, physiologic and functional imaging of cancer and normal tissues for brain, breast and prostate cancer as well as other solid tumors.
  • Symptom Management studies utilize pharmacologic interventions to reduce the morbidity of cancer and its treatments with an emphasis on novel chemotherapeutic agents, targeted therapies and botanical and natural compounds.
Last Updated: 10-06-2015
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