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Microarray technology, through nucleic acid hybridization and recent computer advancements, has given us the power to evaluate RNA expression profiles for thousands of genes with a single experiment.

Affymetrix GeneChips® use a patented methodology for building oligonucleotides, in 25-mers, directly onto the glass substrate of the chip. These oligonucleotides are organized in probe pairs of perfect matches and mismatch sequences. The perfect match sequence is exactly complimentary to the specific gene, which is then used to measure the expression. The mismatch sequence differs from the perfect match sequence by a single base at the center (13th) position; this helps to determine the background and nonspecific hybridization that contributes to the signal of the perfect match. There are from 16 to 20 probe matches to one probe set that are scattered over the entire chip. Probes are chosen based on current information from a variety of nucleotide repositories. The software automatically compares the signals of the matching probes and using statistical algorithms gives the probe either a present, absent, or marginal call.                        

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The GeneAtlas™ System is a complete microarray solution for measuring whole-genome expression.

The GeneAtlas System utilizes an entirely new array format—the array strip, with four arrays per strip. The array strip design and the GeneAtlas System combine to provide distinct advantages:

  • Simplified hybridization – no need to create a hybridization chamber assembly
  • Robustness that protects precious samples, unlike fragile slide-based designs
  • Limited hands-on time
  • Simple array processing with common microwell-based labware

The GeneAtlas System  includes:

  • Hybridization station
  • Fluidics station
  • Imaging station 
  • GeneAtlas instrument control software    



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