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Publications: Prostate Cancer Center of Excellence

The Prostate Cancer Center of Excellence, though its members in basic and clinical programs, includes numerous translational projects. Some examples include:

  • Vitamin D and Soy Isoflavone Inhibition of Prostate Cancer (R01 to Dr. Cramer). This project aims to dissect the molecular mechanisms behind the synergistic inhibition of prostate cancer cells by the combination of soy proteins and the vitamin D hormone.
  • DNA-directed effects of FdUMP (U01 to Dr. Gmeiner). This project uses novel fluoropyrimidines to develop new approaches to prostate cancer chemotherapy.
  • Clinical validity and utility of genomic targeted chemoprevention of prostate cancer (RC2 to Jianfeng Xu, MD, PhD). This research evaluates whether a genomic-target approach improves outcomes related to the chemoprevention of prostate cancer using 5-alpha-reducatse armomatase inhibitors, compared to a non-targeted approach.
  • Fatty acid synthase inhibitors and prostate cancer (R01 to Steven Kridel, PhD). This research evaluates the role of the ER stress response in mediating the anti-tumor effects of fatty acid synthase inhibitors.
  • Dr. Welker, in the Department of Chemistry, is supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the preparation and evaluation of P13 kinase inhibitors for use in prostate cancer therapy.
  • Stress-activate signaling in prostate cancer (R01 to Dr. Kulik). This research explores the mechanisms whereby adrenaline mediated signaling influences the growth of prostate cancer cells.
  • Global genetic and epigenetic approaches to the progression of prostate cancer (R01 to Dr. Liu). This research uses an existing population-based study at UCLA to identify novel genes that are associated with the progression of prostate cancer.
  • Mechanism of Fish Oil Supplements in Prevention of Cancer (PO1 to Dr. Chen). This Program Project grant seeks to determine the mechanisms underlying the effects of fish oil on prostate cancer growth.
Last Updated: 10-29-2014
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