Tumor Tissue Shared Resource

The Tumor Tissue Shared Resource supports research studies evaluating tumor biology and its implications for treatment. The Tumor Tissue Shared Resource is comprised of the:

  • Tumor Bank
    The Tumor Bank stores fresh tissue excised in the course of standard operations to remove tumors. Samples are derived from remnant tissues not necessary for diagnostic or treatment related purposes. In addition, leukemia and bone marrow samples are also collected.
  • Advanced Tumor Bank
    The Advanced Tumor Bank functions in the same way as the Tumor Bank except that additional information related to the samples is available to researchers. All Advanced Tumor Bank participants have consented to donate tissue, blood and/or body fluids, and have signed a HIPAA waiver to release demographic information.

These samples are important because they allow our faculty the ability to answer vital, basic and population science research questions related to risk factors and outcomes.  In addition to the two tissue banks, the Tumor Tissue Facility strictly monitors quality control so that tissues are consistent and reliable for research.

To Request Tissue Samples

To apply for tissue from the Tumor Bank contact Dr. Greg Kucera via e-mail (gkucera@wakehealth.edu).

Published Research

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