Vascular Stiffness and Pulmonary Congestion (PREDICT)

Short Study Name (acronym): PREDICT 

Long Name: Vascular Stiffness and Pulmonary Congestion (PREDICT)

Investigators (list PI first):
Gregory Hundley, MD 

Funding Agency:
National Institute on Aging 

 Funding Dates:

Research questions or aims:  

The aim of the study is to determine if stress induced change in LV performance or aortic stiffness predict future admission to the hospital for CHF in elderly patients at high risk for the development of CHF. 

Target population:
Subjects aged 55 to 85.  They must have hypertension, diabetes, or coronary artery disease.  Participants with contraindication to MRI (i.e. pacemaker or defibrillator) are not included.  The LVEF at rest must be >40%.   

Target # to enroll:

Target Dates of enrollment:

Types of assessments and questionnaires:
Participants will receive a MRI stress test and undergo rest and stress measures of LV and RV volumes and wall motion, myocardial perfusion, aortic stiffness (distensibility and pulse wave velocity), and quantization of prior infarction.  Serum measures of CRP and BNP will be obtained.  Serum will be stored and cells for future genetic analyses. They receive a single MRI and are followed by questionnaire 3x per year for 4 years.  Hospitalizations are reviewed and an adjudication committee determines presence or absence of CHF. 

Coordinator Contact Info:
Kim Lane
Phone:  336-716-2306 


Last Updated: 12-12-2014
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