Complete Listing of Center Members



Leanne Groban, MD


Donald Bowden, PhD

Biomedical Engineering

Kevin Davy, PhD
Craig Hamilton, PhD
Robert Kraft, PhD
Pete Santago, PhD


Walter Ambrosius, PhD
Ramon Casanova, PhD
Mark Espeland, PhD
Fang-Chi Hsu, PhD
Edward Ip, PhD
Carl Langefeld, PhD
Iris Leng, PhD
Michael Miller, PhD
Janet Tooze, PhD

Elder Law Clinic

Kate Mewhinney, JD

Epidemiology and Prevention

Jamy Ard, MD
Yongmei Liu, MD, PhD
Sara Quandt, PhD

Family and Community Medicine

Mark Andrews, MD
Thomas Arcury, PhD
Frank Celestino, MD
Ha Nguyen, PhD, MPH

Health and Exercise Sciences (WFU)

Michael Berry, PhD
Anthony Marsh, PhD
Stephen Messier, PhD
Gary Miller, PhD
Jack Rejeski, PhD

Human Genomics

Greg Hawkins, PhD

Internal Medicine

William Applegate, MD, MHS
Hal Atkinson, MD, MHS
Laura Baker, PhD
Kristen Beavers, PhD
Khalil Bitar, MD
Tina Brinkley, PhD
Kathryn Callahan, MD
Mark Corbett, MD
Susan Craft, PhD
Osvaldo Delbono, MD, PhD
Jamehl Demons, MD
Jingzhong Ding, PhD
William Hazzard, MD
Kevin High, MD
Denise Houston, PhD
Christina Hugenschmidt, PhD
Timothy Hughes, PhD
Gregory Hundley, MD
Dalane Kitzman, MD
Heidi Klepin, MD
Stephen Kritchevsky, PhD
Richard Loeser, MD
Mary Lyles, MD
Charles McCall, MD
Anthony Molina, PhD
Peter Morris, MD
Barbara Nicklas, PhD
Kaycee Sink, MD
Franklin Watkins, MD
Julie Williams, MD
Jeff Williamson, MD, MHS
Valerie Wilson, MD
Raghunatha Yammani, PhD

Neurobiology and Anatomy

David Riddle, PhD
Mary Lou Voytko, PhD 


Cheryl Bushnell, MD
Pamela Duncan, PhD


Susan Appt, DVM
Jay Kaplan, DVM, PhD
Kylie Kavanagh, DVM, PhD
Thomas Register, PhD
Carol Shively, PhD


Gretchen Brenes, PhD
Stephen Rapp, PhD

Psychology (WFU)

Janine Jennings, PhD


Sam Deadwyler, PhD

Public Health Sciences Admin.

Gregory Burke, MD, MS
Lynne Wagenknecht, DRPH

Pulmonary, Critical Care, Allergy/Immunology

Clark Files MD


Paige Clark, MD
Paul Laurienti, MD, PhD
Leon Lenchik, MD
Joseph Maldjian, MD
Ed Shaw, MD

Regenerative Medicine

George Christ, PhD
Tracy Criswell, PhD
Baisong Lu, PhD
Shay Soker, PhD

Social Sciences and Health Policy

Laura Coker, PhD
Capri Foy, PhD
Sally Shumaker, PhD


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Geriatric Administration
Geriatric Clinic
Geriatric Research
Elder Law Clinic

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