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Lipid, Lipoprotein and Atherosclerosis Analysis Laboratory

Laboratory Purpose:

To provide analytical and quantitative measurements of lipid and lipoprotein endpoints for non-diagnostic investigational purposes. To provide atheroschlerosis evaluations in animal models. 


• Major lipid class (cholesterol, cholesterol ester, phospholipid, and triacylgycerol) quantification after TLC separations in all tissues including blood plasma, red cells, liver, artery, as well as other organs of interest.

• Lipid class fatty acid analysis performed by gas liquid chromatography.

• Plasma and tissue sterol analysis performed by gas liquid chromatography.

• Dietary compositional analysis including lipid class, fatty acid and cholesterol and non-cholesterol sterol compositions.

• Plasma lipoprotein isolation and quantification by gel filtration chromatography with on-line analyses of cholesterol and triglycerides in VLDL, LDL and HDL.

• Isolation of plasma lipoproteins by preparative ultracentrifugation.

• Apolipoprotein analyses of plasma and isolated plasma lipoproteins using Western blotting techniques.

• Identification of diet or drug effects on gene expression in various tissues using RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis and quantitative PCR.

• Quantification of atherosclerosis extent using histologic and chemical analyses of various arterial preparations from mice, rabbits, and monkeys.

• Perform studies to evaluate small molecule effects on atherosclerosis using transgenic mouse models.



    Quick Reference

    Lipid, Lipoprotein and Athero Analysis Laboratory
    Dr. Lawrence Rudel

    Tel: 336-716-2137
    Fax: 336-716-6279

    E-mail Dr. Rudel at

    Matthew Davis
    Chief Technician

    E-mail Mr. Davis at

    Department of Internal Medicine/Section on Molecular Medicine
    WF School of Medicine
    Medical Center Boulevard
    Winston-Salem, NC 27157
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