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       Molecular Medicine Faculty

Furdui, Cristina, PhD - The Furdui laboratory is interested in applying chemical, computational and advanced systems biology methodologies to investigate the molecular mechanisms linking redox balance to disease development and treatment. Specifically, the laboratory focuses on: 1] Development of Chemical Approaches for the Quantitative Analysis of Protein Thiol Oxidative Modifications; 2] The Implications of Akt2 Redox-regulation in Radiation-associated Diabetes and Muscle Function in Aging, and 3] Head and Neck Cancer Prevention, Treatment and Improvement of Quality of Life. Chemical and analytical methods developed in the context of these projects are further applied to a number of collaborative studies investigating redox effects in aging, kidney disease, inflammation, sepsis and others. Lab Page

Liu, Mingxia, PhD
Research Interests:  Research Interest: Metabolism of lipids (TG, cholesterol and sphingolipids) and lipoproteins (HDL and VLDL); metabolic functions of sphingosine-1-phosphate and its carrier apoM in inflammatory diseases (atherosclerosis and sepsis); nicotine consumption in energy metabolism.

Liu, Tie Fu, PhD 
- Understanding molecular mechanism(s) involved in gene silencing and immunosuppression during severe systemic inflammation (SSI), generation of new therapeutic interventions or preventions to improve poor SSI outcomes.  Experimental studies are focused on the epigenetic regulation and gene remodeling of proinflammatory cytokines during the initiation, adaptation and, especially, resolution of SSI; and on the interplay between the energy change and members of sirtuin family and NFk-B family in a THP-1 cell model and an animal model.

McCall, Charles E., MD - Molecular signaling pathways that direct acute inflammation from sepsis; nutrient balance of mitochondrial function; bioenergy shifts during mouse and human sepsis; sepsis epigenetic reprogramming; molecular therapeutic targets in acute inflammation; balancing glycolysis with fatty acid metabolism in inflammation; redox control of  sirtuins; Sirtuin family interactions; RELB NFkB factor in sepsis; immunometabolism.

Parks, John S., PhD -
Teaching Interests: Lipoprotein Metabolism and Structure, Lipoprotein Modifying Enzymes.
Research Interests: High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) Formation and Catabolism, Molecular Mechanisms by which Lecithin:Colesterol Acyltransferase (LCAT) Prevents Atheroschlerosis, Molecular Mechanisms by which Botanical Oils and Fish Oil Impact Atheroscherosis and Inflammation. Lab Page

Rudel, Lawrence, PhD
Teaching Interests: Disturbances in Plasma Lipoprotein Metabolism, Cholesterol Biosynthesis and Metabolism, Atheroschlerosis and Nutrition, Pathophysiology of Cholesterol and Bile Acids.
Research Interests: Nutrition in Atherosclerosis, Dietary Fatty Acids in Cardiovascular Disease, Hepatic Cholesterol Metabolism and Gene Regulation, Primate Liver Perfusion, Plasma Lipoprotein Metabolism, Cholesterol Ester Formation. Lab Page 

Seeds, Michael C., PhD - Inflammation and host defense in the lung; regulation and function of secretory phospholipases A2; differential regulation of granulocyte apoptosis

St. Clair, Richard W., PhD (Emeritus) - Understanding the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis, with an emphasis on the cell biology and biochemistry of the progression and regression of atherosclerotic lesions, and the mechanisms by which plasma lipoproteins and other risk factors alter the development of this disease.

Tsang, Allen, PhD1) Infectious Diseases: Elucidate C. trachomatis-mediated MKK4 down regulation in promoting tumor metastasis, using molecular assays, high-throughput proteomics and imaging technologies to identify signaling networks in the developmental cycle of Chlamydia infections. 2) Redox Biology: Mapping phosphorylation events associated with oxidative and radiation damage response; the effect of these events on cell cycle regulation; Clinical proteomics to identify potential targets in cancer therapy.

Yammani, Raghunatha, PhD- S100 proteins and cartilage physiology; Role of S100A4 in the development of osteoarthritis

Zhu, Xuewei, PhD-
Research Interests: Lipid metabolism and immune cell fundtion and their roles in the pathogenesis of chronic inflammatory diseases. Lab Page

Molecular Medicine Joint Appointment Faculty

Groban, Leanne, MD - Professor of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology. Research interests- aging, cardiac function, fitness/physical, trangenics, women's health issues.

Hoth, James Jason, MD, PhD - Associate Professor of General Surgery. Research interests - critical/intensive medicine, drugs/therapeutic agents pharm, education/training. 

Kavanagh, Kylie, DVM, MS, MPH -  Assistant Professor, Pathology-Comparative Medicine. Research interests include general investigations of metabolic syndrome and its determinants using non-human primate models. Specific areas of focus include 1) insulin resistance and diabetes development 2) aging and cellular stress resistance/chaperone proteins 3) nutritional effects of varying fat and carbohydrate type on metabolism 3) intestinal motility and integrity as a determinant of health and function in aging 4) chronic effects of radiation exposure on body composition and metabolic disease 5) sarcopenia and physical function 6) gut-brain interactions in Alzheimer’s disease risk. 

Donald A. McClain, MD, PhD - Professor of Internal Medicine-Section on Endocrinology and Metabolism; Director, Center on Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism - Research Interests: Structure and function of the insulin receptor; Metabolic signaling by the hexosamine biosynthesis pathway mediated by protein O-linked glycosylation; Prevalence and mechanism of diabetes in hereditary hemochromatosis; Effects of dietary iron on diabetes risk; Hypoxia and metabolism.

Vachharajani, Vidula, MD- Associate Professor of Critical Care. Research interests - critical/intensive care medicine, immunology/allergy/inflammation, infectious disease, metabolism, obesity.

Wang, Hao, MD, PhD - Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology. Research interest- Aging, estrogen, GPR30, skeletal muscle, cardiac function. Research interests include the roles of the novel estrogen receptor, GPR30, in the maintenance of both cardiac and skeletal muscle structure and function during aging.

Yoza, Barbara, PhD- Assistant Professor, General Surgery. Research Interests-  Deciphering the molecular events associated with the onset and progression of septic shock, particularly as it relates to the synthesis inflammatory mediators from cells of the blood

Molecular Medicine Adjunct Faculty

Connelly, Margery A., PhD






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