Strength Training for ARthritis Trial (START)

Long Study Name: Strength Training for ARthritis Trial (START)

Study Type: Osteoarthritis

Study Purpose:
The primary clinical aim is to compare the interventions’ effects on knee pain, and the primary mechanistic aim is to compare their effects on knee-joint compressive forces during walking.  Secondary aims will compare intervention effects on additional clinical measures of disease severity, disease progression, thigh muscle and fat volume, components of thigh muscle function and  inflammatory and OA biomarkers.

Study Design: 
Participants will be randomized to one of 3 groups: high-intensity strength training (75-90% 1RM); low-intensity strength training (30-40%1RM); or healthy living for an 18 month intervention.

Study Qualifications

  • Age: 55 and older
  • Must be overweight - BMI (25 - 40.5)
  • Mild to moderate knee pain on most days of the week in at least one knee

Study Duration

  • 20 Months (including testing appointments)

Study Benefits

  • Health and medical screenings at no cost to you

Study Contact

If you are interested in the START study, call 336-758-3969 or email Jovita Newman at

Last Updated: 09-09-2014
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