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Annual International Feast


November 2014 - Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine celebrated the diversity of its researchers, faculty and staff at its Annual International Feast. Dishes from many countries were prepared this year including Kashk-o-Bademjan from Iran, Eggplant Dip from Lebanon, Gulabjamun an Indian Dessert, American Chicken and Dumplings and Polish Cabbage and Noodles. While sharing this meal together, co-workers and lab collaborators learned about the origin and background of each feast item.

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Past Events 

WFIRM Summer Scholars at TERMIS-AM 2014


December 13-16, 2014 - Six WFIRM Summer Scholars attended and presented the results of their work in poster format at TERMIS-AM 2014 at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, DC.

Summer Scholars at TERMIS AM 2014
From Left to Right: 2014 Summer Scholars Jhonatan Nagasako, Morgan Burt, Elizabeth Wicks, Yui-Rei Chang and Alexandra Wells, Joan Schanck, WFIRM, Dr. Anthony Atala, Director of WFIRM, Dr. David Williams, TERMIS Global President and Dr. Hooman Sadri-Ardekani, WFIRM (Missing: Katherine Katsivalis).

WFIRM Summer Scholars Research Day


August 8, 2014 - Research Day marked the conclusion of this year's 10-week Summer Scholars program. Our scholars gave presentations and created posters for the research projects they worked on this summer at our institute.

2014 Summer Scholars

Regenerative Medicine Essentials Course


July 21-25, 2014 - This one-week course, held in Winston Salem, provided attendees with a foundation in the field of Regenerative Medicine. From the science behind groundbreaking discoveries to regulatory and manufacturing challenges, the course provided a comprehensive look at progress to date as well as future applications. If you were unable to attend to course, you can still review some of the highlights that were live-tweeted throughout the week here. For more information about Regenerative Medicine Essentials, visit the course site.

2014 RME Course Atala Welcome

International Perinatal Stem Cell Society


May 7, 2014 - The International Perinatal Stem Cell Society hosted their inaugural annual conference, co-hosting the event with the Regenerative Medicine Foundation in San Francisco. Sean Murphy, PhD, a Research Fellow at WFIRM, is one of the society's founders and serves as the Director and Secretary. This one-day program highlighted the work of leading groups from industry, research and medicine and its international appeal demonstrated by speakers from five different countries, including the UK, Australia, Italy, Finland and the United States. The session covered topics including therapeutic applications of perinatal cells from the umbilical cord blood, Wharton’s jelly, placental tissue, amnion membranes and amniotic fluid. In addition to updates in current perinatal stem cell research, speakers covered recent advances and current trends in clinical manufacturing, banking and commercialization of perinatal tissue and cells. Read more about the conference and society here. Research Day on August 8, 2014 marked the conclusion of this year's 10-week program. Our scholars gave presentations and created posters for the research projects they worked on this summer at our institute.  




Ned Holland, ASA Visits WFIRM

May 22, 2014 - Mr. Ned Holland, Assistant Secretary for Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, visits Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. Mr. Holland was in the area for the North Carolina Biotechnology Center's Triad BioNight 2014 where he participated as the event's keynote speaker.

Mr. Ned Holland 

AFIRM II Launch Event

Feb. 25, 2014 – The Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine II program was officially launched today at an event at Wake Forest Biotech Place. The $75 million effort, being led by Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, involves over 30 institutions and will apply regenerative medicine to battlefield injuries. Special guests Major General Joseph Caravalho Jr., M.D. and North Carolina Senator Phil Berger made remarks at the event and local business, civic and political leaders attended. AFIRM II researchers will work to develop clinical therapies focusing on restoring function to limbs, reconstruction for facial and skull injuries, skin regeneration for burn injuries, treatments to prevent rejection of transplants and reconstruction of genital and urinary organs.

 Major General Caravalho Addresses Attendees at the AFIRM II Launch Celebration

 AFIRM II Event Attendees Watch Video Explaining Research Underway at WFIRM to Aid Wounded Warriors

WFIRM Annual Retreat


The institute's annual scientific retreat, held Feb. 10-11, 2014, is an opportunity for its researchers and their industry and academic partners to gather as a group to the share research results and discuss future directions. This collaborative atmosphere, where scientists from many different disciplines interact and discuss projects, often ignites new ideas and reveals potential paths to discovery. In addition, the retreat provides the institute's students and junior researchers the opportunity to report their work in an academic setting - experience that will be valuable in their future careers. The theme of the 2014 retreat focused on team building and team-based science. The retreat provides many opportunities to explore collaborative opportunities and includes the presentation of research abstracts, a poster session and breakout sessions to brainstorm new ideas. 

Retreat Panel Discussion Retreat Poster Session
Retreat Exhibitors 1 Retreat Exhibitors 2


WFIRM is grateful to its corporate and academic allies for providing generous financial support of the 2014 scientific retreat: 

 Marshall Gerstein Borun LLP
Miltenyi BiotechPepper Hamilton LLP
 Wake Forest InnovationsMyers Bigel

The following industry partners participated as exhibitors at the retreat:

Life Technologies

Olympus America

Fisher Scientific




Governor McCrory Visits WFIRM

Dec. 3, 2013 - N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory visited the institute to learn more about two grants - totaling $100 million - that are being led by Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. One effort, the Armed Forces Institute for Regenerative Medicine, works to apply regenerative medicine to battlefield injuries. Projects at the institute include work to engineer muscle in the lab, print skin cells directly onto burn wounds and "print" muscle and other tissue that can be used on reconstructive surgeries. The second grant - the Body on a Chip effort - works to accelerate the development of new therapies and antidotes to biological and chemical weapons. The goal is to build a miniaturized system of human organs to model the body's responses to harmful agents and potential therapies. McCrory addressed institute researchers and talked about the importance of converting research into patents and into solutions that can help patients.

AFIRM News Release

Governor McCrory Visits WFIRM


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