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National and International News Organizations frequently report on the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. Below are examples of the latest coverage.

Future of Health with Robin Roberts
March 2015

Huffington Post Impact
How 3D Printing Could End the Deadly Shortage of Donor Organs
March 2015

WSJS Radio

Aaron Mohs Publication on an Imaging System to Improve the Effectiveness of Tumor Surgery Reported on WSJS Radio
Listen to Recording
January 2015

WDEF 12 News
Soddy Daisy High School Students Video Conference with WFIRM Faculty
January 2015

Wall Street Journal

Year in Review: Advances in Stem Cell Research
December 2014 

The Diane Rehm Show
How 3-D Printing And Stem Cell Research Are Driving Medical Advances
December 2014

How 3-D Printing is Transforming Everything from Medicine to Manufacturing
October 2014

The Guardian
The lab-grown penis: approaching a medical milestone
October 2014

Health Canal
Wake Forest Baptist One of a Few Centers Worldwide Offering Fertility Preservation Option to Young Boys with Cancer
October 2014

Why Maximizing Innovation Is The Most Important Health Policy Priority
September 2014

Fox News
Scientists develop method to prevent blood clots in lab-grown kidneys
September 2014

Science Daily
Potential for 'in body' muscle regeneration, rodent study suggests
September 2014

US News & World Report
Biotechnology to the Rescue
September 2014

Health Canal
Scientists Look for Biomarkers to Improve Treatment of Painful Bladder Condition
August 2014 

Will 3-D Printing Revolutionize Medicine? 
July 2014

KTSM News Channel 9
Army invests in 3-D bioprinting to treat injured Soldiers 
July 2014
'A Leap of Faith': Desperate patients look to lab-grown organs
June 2014

CNN's Inside Man
Futurism Episode (WFIRM mentioned 16 minutes into video)
April 2014

CNN reports on advances in 3-D printing, including WFIRM's project to print skin cells onto burns
April 2014

The Wall Street Journal
Breakthrough in Quest to Grow Body Parts
April 2014

BBC News
Doctors implant lab-grown vagina
April 2014

Scientists Use Women's Own Cells to Create Lab-Grown Vaginas
April 2014

Health Canal
Study Shows Promise of Preserving Fertility in Boys with Cancer
March 2014

Winston-Salem Journal
Regenerative Institute Takes Lead in $75 Million Defense Department Project
February 2014

Discovery Channel - Daily Planet
In the Not So Distant Future
January 2014

France 24
Printing the Future
January 2014

UNC-TV North Carolina Science Now
Micro Organs In Miniature
January 2014

National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases -- Spotlight on Research
Common Laundry Detergent Ingredient May Help Preserve Muscle Tissue After Severe Injury
November 2013

Triad Business Journal 
Wake Forest tallies successes from big AFIRM project, hopes to repeat 
August 2013

Fox 8 – WGHP News
Using Discarding Kidneys as a Shell for Building New Ones
May 2013

Smithsonian Magazine
What Lies Ahead for 3-D Printing?
May 2013

U.S. News and World Report
Artificial Ovaries Could Potentially Deliver Hormone Therapy
March 2013

Regenerative Medicine Congress
Atala Named at One of Top 50 Most Influential People on Stem Cells Today
March 2013

Discovery News
Most Amazing Medical Breakthroughs
Feb. 2013

Science Daily
New Company Applies Regenerative Medicine to Corneal Transplants
January 2013

AARP Magazine
Atala Named to Power List – 50 People Who Make Your Life Better

December 2013

There’s Now a 3D Printer that Can Replace Human Cartilage
November 2012

WFMY News2
Doctors Working to Build New Muscles for Wounded Warriors
November 2012

CBS Affiliates
Hope for Patients Who Cannot Get Pregnant
November 2012

Science Fastastic
Dr. Michio Interviews Anthony Atala
October 2012

As It Happens
George Christ Interviewed about Bladder Regeneration
October 2012

NPR Science Friday
Anthony Atala Discusses Regenerative Medicine
September 2012

Popular Science
Scientists Outsmart the Immune System to Better Match People with Organs
June 2012

Printing a Medical Revolution
May 2012

Huffington Post
Beyond the Battlefield: Afghanistan's Wounded Struggle with Genital Injuries
March 2012

BBC News
Will we ever grow replacement hands?
March 2012

Discover Magazine
Will we ever grow organs/
Feb. 2012

Medical News Today
Researchers Discover Protein that May Represent New Target for Treating Type 1 Diabetes
Jan 2012

Most important technology of 2011? The geeks weigh in
Jan. 2012

Huffington Post
Best of TED 2011
Dec. 2012

The Top 10 of Everything of 2011
Dec. 2011

PBS Newshour 
Spare Parts for Humans: Tissue Engineers Aim for Lab-Grown Limbs, Lungs and More
Dec. 2011

Science Daily
Gene Therapy Shows Promise as Hemophilia Treatment
Nov. 2011

Reuters TV
Need a new liver? Get one printed
Sept. 2011

AARP Magazine
Amazing Discoveries that Will Change Your Life
August 2011

New Scientist
Artificial anal sphincter could limit bowel incontinence
August 2011

USA Today
Biologists grow replacement sphincters in mice
August 2011

Ivanhoe Broadcast
Healthy Living
July 2011  

Scientific American
Too Hard for Science?
July 2011

The Washington Post
3-D printers may someday allow labs to create replacement human organs
May 2011

National Geographic
The Big Idea
Feb. 2011

 WFIRM's work, with colleagues in Mexico, to grow and implant the world's first laboratory-grown urethras, was published in the UK Lancet on March 7, 2011 and picked up by more than 700 media outlets, including Reuters,CNN,ABC News,BBC News and Australia's Daily Telegraph.
 "The Race to Grow New Organs"
December 2010

Discovery Channel
The Dean of Invention
 "Re-Gen Revolution"
December 2010

CBS Evening News
 Miniature Human Livers Grown in Lab
October 2010

National Public Radio
Dr. Anthony Atala was a guest on"On Point with Tom Ashbook" to discuss advances in regenerative medicine.
April 2010

NBC NewsChannel
 Bioprinting Skin on Burns
May 2010

CNN International
"Body from Scratch"
March 2010

TEDMed Conference
Anthony Atala, Institute Director
Fall 2009

60 Minutes
 Growing Body Parts
December 2009 

Our Director in U.S. News & World Report  
July 2009

Our Research Featured on Oprah 
June 2009


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