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K. Patrick Ober, M.D.

Academic: 336-713-7251
Department: 336-713-7251
James J. O
James J. O'Brien, M.D.
Associate Professor, Anesthesiology

Academic: 336-716-2597
Mary Claire O
Mary Claire O'Brien, M.D.
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Medical Education
Professor, Emergency Medicine

Research Interests

education/training (all f, t,

Academic: 336-716-4626
Department: 336-716-2191
Francis X. O

Academic: 336-716-3787
Department: 336-716-3787
Cormac A. O
Cormac A. O
Cormac A. O'Donovan, M.D.
Associate Professor, Neurology

Research Interests


Academic: 336-716-0328
Department: 336-716-4101
Tadhg James O
Tadhg James O

Research Interests

education/training (all f, t,, health services, research/outc

Academic: 336-716-0571
Department: 336-716-8200
Jill Ohar, M.D.

Research Interests

genetics/genome, health services, research/outc

Academic: 336-716-4843
Department: 336-716-2011
Christopher A. Ohl, M.D.

Academic: 336-716-2700
Department: 336-716-4070
Michael Oliphant, M.D.

Academic: 336-716-2814
Department: 336-716-2471
Eric R. Oliver, M.D.
Eric R. Oliver, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Otolaryngology

Department: 336-716-4161
Carroll Browd Olson, M.D.

Department: 336-716-2011
Michael A. Olympio, M.D.

Academic: 336-716-4498
Oona L. O
Oona L. O'Neill, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology-General Obstetrics and Gynecology

Academic: 336-716-5032
Department: 336-716-2011
James Christopher O

Academic: 336-714-4629
Department: 336-716-2397
Stacey Sheasley O
Stacey Sheasley O'Neill
Assistant Professor, Pathology

Department: 336-716-4311
Thomas J. O
Thomas J. O

Department: 336-716-4469
Adeleke Oni

Department: 336-716-2011
Emmanuel C. Opara, Ph.D.

Research Interests

biotechnology, cancer/oncogenesis, cell growth, differentiation,d, diabetes, genetics/genome, hormones/cytokines/signalling

Academic: 336-713-1297
Department: 336-716-2011
Brian Anthony Opitz, M.D.

Department: 336-716-2011
Giuseppe Orlando, M.D., Ph.D.
Giuseppe Orlando, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Surgical Sciences-Transplant

Research Interests

biotechnology, cross(mult/tnslat/inter)discip, diabetes, engineering/bioengineering, transplantation

Academic: 336-716-6903
Department: 336-716-2011
David A. Ornelles, Ph.D.

Research Interests

cancer/oncogenesis, cell growth, differentiation,d, communication/speech/hearing, growth & development, hearing, infectious diseases, molecular biology/molecular me

Academic: 336-716-9332
Department: 336-716-2011
Kenneth S. O

Research Interests

arthritis, pain

Academic: 336-716-4209
Department: 336-716-4209
Victor Enrique Ortega, M.D.

Research Interests

drugs/therapeutic agents pharm, education/training (all f, t,, genetics/genome, prevention, primary care

Academic: 336-716-4649
Department: 336-716-4649
Yoshio Otaki, M.D., Ph.D.
Yoshio Otaki, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Surgical Sciences-Cardiothoracic Surgery

Academic: 336-716-1380
Department: 336-716-1380
Olga M. Otter, M.D.

Department: 336-716-2011
Medge D. Owen, M.D.
Medge D. Owen, M.D.
Director, Office of Global Health (pka International Health Affairs)
Professor, Anesthesiology

Academic: 336-718-8278
John Owen, M.D.

Academic: 336-716-5788
Department: 336-716-4464
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