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Faculty Executive Council

The Faculty Executive Council consists of the senior academic leadership of the School.

The council is chaired by either the Dean of WFSM or the Senior Associate Dean. Division directors and department chairs, not a part of a formal division, are voting members of the council. Other voting members consist of one elected member from the clinical faculty, one elected member from the basic science faculty, CEO of WFBMC, President and COO of WFBMC, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Senior Associate Dean for Research, Senior Associate Dean for Administration and Operations, and the Director of large Centers (membership determined by the Dean). Ex-officio members of the council are appointed based upon their administrative or academic support, office leadership role and may vary depending on institutional priorities as identified by the Dean.

The council shall be consulted on long-range planning and on all major changes in policy that affect the activities and welfare of the School. The Council shall have the responsibility for determining requirements for faculty promotion, student conduct, and the M.D. degree.

The council shall approve all faculty appointments in a manner consistent with the faculty appointment and promotion process.

The council shall have scheduled meetings at least once per month.

Faculty Executive Council Members

Dr. Edward Abraham, Chair, Dean
Dr. Martha Alexander-Miller, Microbiology & Immunology (Interim)
Dr. Walter Ambrosius, Public Health Sciences, Biostatistical Sciences
Dr. Anthony Atala, Regenerative Medicine
Dr. Sarah Berga, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Alain Bertoni, Public Health Sciences, Epidemiology & Prevention
Dr. A. William Blackstock, Radiation Oncology
Dr. Charles Branch, Neurological Surgery
Dr. Allison Brashear, Neurology
Dr. J. Dale Browne, Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery
Dr. Gregory Burke, Public Health Sciences
Dr. Reamer Bushardt, Physician Assistant Studies
Dr. Doug Easterling, Public Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Health Policy 
Dr. Matthew Edwards, Vascular & Endovascular Surgery
Dr. Raymond Garrison, Dentistry
Dr. Larry Givner, Pediatrics (Interim)
Dr. Craig Greven, Ophthalmology
Dr. Kevin High, Internal Medicine
Dr. James Hoekstra, Emergency Medicine
Dr. L. Andrew Koman, Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr. Neal Kon, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dr. King Li, Radiologic Sciences
Dr. Richard Lord, Family and Community Medicine
Dr. Douglas Lyles, Biochemistry
Dr. Malcolm Marks, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Amy McMichael, Dermatology
Dr. Wayne Meredith, Surgery
Dr. Boris Pasche, Cancer Biology
Dr. Gregory Pomper, Pathology (Interim)
Dr. Linda Porrino, Physiology and Pharmacology
Dr. Thomas Sibert, Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine (Interim)
Dr. Barry Stein, Neurobiology and Anatomy
Dr. Joel Stitzel, Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Joseph Tobin, Anesthesiology
Dr. Glenn Lesser (Clinical Dept. Rep) 2016, Internal Medicine, Hematology & Oncology
Dr. E. Ann Tallant (Basic Sci. Rep) 2015, Surgery, Hypertension & Vascular Research Center

Ex Officio with vote:
Dr. Ronny Bell, Maya Angelou Center
Dr. Steven Block, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Dr. Debra Diz, Hypertension Center
Mr. Terry Hales, Dean's Office
Dr. Stephen Kritchevsky, Sticht Center on Aging
Dr. John McConnell, WFBMC CEO
Dr. Deborah Meyers, Human Genomics
Dr. Carol Shively, Women in Medicine and Science

Ex Officio without vote:
Mr. John Boehme, Associate Dean, Academic Computing and Information Sciences
Dr. Bobbi Carbone, WFBH President/COO
Dr. Randy Clinch, Associate Dean for Academic Accreditation
Mr. Chad Eckes, Chief Information Officer
Ms. Beth Gianopulos, Legal Counsel
Dr. Dwayne Godwin, Dean, Graduate School
Dr. David Grier, Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Financial Services
Dr. Russell Howerton, Chief Medical Officer
Ms. Karen Huey, Vice President, Facilities Planning
Dr. Robin Hurley, Veterans Admin. Representative
Dr. Mark Knudson, Associate Dean for Student Services
Mr. Yates Lackey, Chief Audit and Compliance Officer
Dr. Brenda Latham-Sadler, Associate Dean for Student Diversity and Inclusion
Dr. Michael Lischke, Associate Dean, Continuing Medical Education and Northwest AHEC
Ms. Cheryl Locke, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Dr. Mary Claire O'Brien, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Mr. Norman Potter, Development/Alumni Affairs
Mr. C. Michael Rutherford, Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Mitch Sokolosky, Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education
Dr. Eric Tomlinson, Piedmont Triad Research Park
Mr. Parks Welch, Director, Carpenter Library
Dr. Terry G. Williams, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Network Development
Dr. Marcia Wofford, Associate Dean for Medical Education
Ms. Lisa Wyatt, Communications, Marketing and Media

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