ANE03 Pediatric Critical Care

Cannon Michael L
Dr. Michael Cannon

NOTE: This course is identical to PED08. Final permission to take this course must come from the Office of Student Services

Rotation Director: Michael Cannon, M.D.

Program Outline: Daily rounds will begin at 8:00 am. The student should gather necessary clinical information to present and discuss patients in the Pediatric ICU in an established format at morning rounds. Students will acquire necessary clinical information about the patient’s clinical status and aid in the execution of treatment plans. An assigned reading list and selected articles relevant to the care of the current patients are provided and should be reviewed by the students prior to completion of this elective. Participation in the resident course lecture series is also expected. The student may choose to make one formal presentation on a subject of his or her choosing as arranged with the PICU attending.

Objective: The student will:

  1. Be able to collect and present clinical information about patients in the Pediatric ICU in a clear and concise fashion.
  2. Learn the diagnostic hallmarks and management priorities for early and late respiratory failure, hypovolemic and septic shock and cardiopulmonary failure.
  3. Be expected to prepare a short presentation on a topic in Pediatric Critical Care and make a presentation near the end of the rotation to the team. The student may have the opportunity to demonstrate skills in airway management, gaining vascular access, intravascular volume administration and dysrhythmia management.
  4. Develop and demonstrate the use of Medline searches for clinically relevant issues regarding the care of the Pediatric ICU patients.

Prerequisites: Year 3
Length of Program: 4 weeks
Maximum Number of Students: 1 per rotation
When Offered: All rotations
Report To: Program Director or Pediatric ICU Attending Physician at 07:45 in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, 6th Floor, Brenner Children’s Hospital.

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