Class of 2014

Congratulations Class of 2014

We speak early on about just how rapid this training is accomplished-and how a thousand days of anesthesia is not a great deal of time, but most residents lose track of this truism because a.) internship is a grind and b.) the first few hundred days slog along as you figure things out. Then CA-2 year hits, which is “mostly awesome” (to quote Benshoff) and it all starts to click, and then the last year comes and goes in a flash while you ponder and plan the next adventure. Ask any soon-to-be graduate…it goes just like this.  

This is the twenty-first class I’ve had to say good-bye to, but it is because of people such as these, who have chosen to spend their career doing this, that I remain so high on our profession-and especially high on the training provided here.

Godspeed Class of 2014, may you all get 3 decades practicing this craft.

John Reynolds, MD 


Lu Adams 
Lu Adams, MD
Fellowship, Regional Anesthesia
Wake Forest

Matt Benshoff
Matt Benshoff, MD
Fellowship, CT Anesthesia


 Charles Clover

Charles Clover, MD
Fellowship, Chronic Pain

Emily Herschmiller
Emily Herschmiller, MD
Anesthesiology Faculty


Dav Kovacs
Dan Kovacs, MD
Private Practice

Sam Lobell
Sam Lobell, MD
Fellowship, Pediatric Anesthesia
Children's Hospital of Colorado


Tess McClung
Tess McClung, MD
Fellowship, Obstetric Anesthesia
Wake Forest

Mary Jane MciLwain
Mary Jayne McIlwain, MD
Private Practice
Lancaster, PA


Todd Peacock
Todd Peacock, MD
Fellowship, CT Anesthesia
Wake Forest

David Seif
David Seif, MD
Private Practice
San Diego, CA


Nick Sparler
Nick Sparler, MD
Private Practice
Charlottesville, VA

Neel Thomas
Neel Thomas, MD
Private Practice
Durham, NC


 Adam Varady
Adam Varady, MD
Fellowship, CT Anesthesia










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