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Boot Camp 2013 - New CA-1s in Action

 boot camp 2013The transition from intern year to Clinical Anesthesia Year 1 (CA-1) is a daunting change that can be anxiety-provoking for many. Being successful in learning the art and science of the practice of anesthesia finds its foundations in making this transition as smoothly as possible. To that end, we have developed a “Boot camp” for new or rising CA-1 residents that utilizes simulation to reduce the anxiety of learning anesthesia in the operating room. Small groups of 4-5 residents spend this two-day experience with anesthesia faculty in our Mock OR and Simulation Suite engaging in interactive hands-on learning. During this experience, CA-1 residents take a guided scavenger hunt through the operating rooms and support areas, practice the machine checkout and ploss cart setup, practice central line placement with and without ultrasound using task trainers, learn how to properly set up arterial lines and rapid infusers, practice evaluating patients preoperatively and presenting patients to an attending, practice transporting patients under anesthesia, and learn how to develop and structure an anesthesia plan. The experience culminates with residents taking part in the simulation of a complete surgical case in real-time using our interactive patient simulation manikin in our Mock OR. (written by Justin Traunero, MD, Boot Camp Organizer) Facebook Photo Album of CA-1 Boot Camp 2012 .

ASA Legislative Conference in Washington, DC - 4/29 - 5/1, 2013

ASA Legislative-2013This just in from the ASA Legislative Conference in Washington DC.! Pictured: Dr. Alan Koontz (Forsyth Anesthesiologist), Dr. Ashley Talbot (WF CA-1 Anesthesiology Resident Class of 2015), Dr. Matt Hatch (WF Anesthesiology Attending) and ...Allyson Bryant (Wake Forest Anesthesiology Resident Class of 2013) visiting Senator Burr's Office on Capital Hill. We are very fortunate to provide our residents with the opportunity to advocate at our National Capital! 

CA-3 Residents to Rotate in Accra, Ghana, 2013-2014

Ridge HospitalCongratulations to Dr. Matt Benshoff, Dr. Emily Herschmiller and Dr. Lu Adams. They have all been selected to rotate at Ridge Hospital (photo) during the next academic year. Each will have the opportunity to teach both in the classroom and the wards and learn first hand the challenges of providing anesthesiology in a limited resource setting. (More info on our Global Health efforts

Perioperative Summit, March 2013

Adam Varady and Lu Adams, both CA-2 residents, presented posters at the Perioperative Summit held recently in Miami Beach, Florida. Dr. Varady is in the first photo below and Dr. Lu Adams, accompanied by Sarah Bodin, MD, is in the second photo.

Preoperative Summit Poster Adam Varady, MD      Preoperative Summit Poster Lu Adams

 Go Team WFU Anesthesia

ASA-2012Follow Team WFU Anesthesia ASA activity on Facebook as Dr. Taylor  keeps us updated from Washington, DC. 

For a guide to the faculty, fellows and residents from our department that are participating in this years meeting see our at the ASA brochure

Nick Sparler, CA-2, FAER Scholar, 2012

Dr. SparlerCongratulations to Dr. Nick Sparler (Resident Class of 2014)! Dr. Sparler has been selected to be a FAER Scholar at the American Society of Anesthesiology in Washington DC, October 13-17th, 2012.  Photo: Dr. Sparler (left in photo) practiced his superior laryngeal nerve block skills at our annual airway workshop under the guidance of an attending. 

Lu Adams, CA-2, Recipient of the 2012 Paul M. Wood Fellowship

Dr. AdamsCongratulations to Dr. Lu Adams!  She learned about the fellowship opportunity from Dr. Raymond Roy, her faculty mentor, who is interested in anesthetic history.  She will be spending two weeks in December pursuing scholarly and historical research at the Wood Library-Museum.  Her research topic will be: Uncovering history through photos to gain a more thorough understanding of the development of protective attire usage in surgical procedures.

We look forward to hearing more from her when she returns. 

Chiyo Ootaki, CA-2, presents at IARS, 2012

Dr. Chiyo OotakiDr. Ootaki presented at the IARS (International Anesthesiology Research Society) in Boston - May 2012.  Her topic:  "Does General Anesthesia Increase the Diagnostic Yield of Eus-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration of pancreatic Masses?" Great job, Dr. Ootaki. 

Gulf Atlantic Resident Research Conference

2013 -Gulf Atlantic 2013 Congratulations to Dr. Sam Lobell (CA-2), Dr. Sheel Todd (CA-1) and Dr. Andrea Olson (CA-3) for excellent presentations at the Gulf Atlantic Resident Research Conference in New Orleans, April 2013. Special thanks to Dr. Daryl Henshaw for being the faculty facilitator. photo: Dr. Sam Lobell (Co Chief Resident Class of 2014) presenting in New Orleans.  


Gulf Atlantic Resident Research Confernce 2012  2012 - We are very proud of the residents that recently presented at the Gulf Atlantic Resident Research Conference in Puerto Rico (April 2012). They did an amazing job. Special thanks to Dr. Mike Olympio who facilitated their involvement and provided mentoring and to Dr. Nick Sparler who won SECOND PLACE. photo left to right; Dr. Sparler, Dr. Peacock, Dr. Thomas, Dr. Clover.  Dr. Palliser not pictured.

  • Dr. Palliser CA3 “Mediastinal Mass in a Parturient” with Dr. Thomas
  • Dr. Sparler CA1 “Video Laryngoscopy: An Excellent View But Can’t Intubate a Few” with Dr. Bryan
  • Dr. Thomas CA1, presenting author, “Case Report of Peripartum Cardiomyopathy” with Dr. Tong (co-author )
  •  Dr. Clover CA1), Dr. Todd CA1, presenting author, “Acute Upper Airway Obstruction and Management in a Toddler” with Drs. Smith and Ajizian (co-author Dr. Emily Kaser CA1). 

 2011 - Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Stanislaus (CA-1), Dr. Blake Stevenson (CA-2), Dr. Peter Rivera (CA-1), Gulf Atlantic Resident Research Conference 2011and Dr. Brian Kornrumpf (CA-1) for excellent presentations at the Gulf Atlantic Resident Research Conference in Orlando (april 2011).  We are very proud of them as they represented us!   

Special congratulations to Dr. Brian Kornrumpf for his FIRST PLACE AWARD for Original Research, in presenting his methods for safely pressurizing the endotracheal tube cuff. Brian worked closely with Dr. David Saliba for many months on this project, and had truly refined the process, and the presentation. 

Graduation Dinner 2012

Graduating Class of 2012
Please join us in congratulating the residents and fellows Class of 2012. We are so proud of all that they have accomplished!    

Golden Apple Award 2012 

Golden Apple 2012 Dr. John Reynolds (Residency Program Director) is the recipient of the Golden Apple Teaching Award for his dedication to resident education. The award was presented at the Anesthesiology Residency graduation by Dr. Andrea Strathman and Dr. Jason Simpson (Co-chief Residents). Photo shows Dr. John Reynolds (left) in the Neuroanesthesiology operating room with Kyle Johnson (CA-2) (right).  

Kyle Johnson, '"I think we have one of the few Anesthesia Residency Programs in the country where residents can be found laughing and joking with the program director in the OR. Wake Forest is truly a great place to be!"

 Senior Seminar April 2012

Rising Senior Seminar 2012Our rising Senior Residents participated in the annual senior seminar held May 5th, 2012 at the Graylyn International Conference Center. The seminar kick started off with a talk on Political Advocacy for the Anesthesiologist by Dr. Alan Kootz, MD. Next up was a lecture by Derek Frosh and Barry Cronin on "Principles of Financial Planning." Dr. Edmund Fitzgerald gave a wonderful overview of private practice, anesthesiology business models, trends and great advice regarding contracts. Dr. Nichole Taylor, Associate Anesthesiology Residency Program Director, discussed the importance of "Protecting your Educational Investment from Disability." The meeting concluded with a lunch discussion with rising senior residents, new chiefs for 2012-2013 (Drs. McNeil Cronin and Courtney Auman), chief residents from 2011-2012 (Drs. Andrea Strathman and Jason Simpson) and Dr. John Reynolds (Anesthesiology Residency Program Director).  

Dr. Traunero's CA-3 Ghana Health Elective 5/2011

Dr. Traunero in Ghana Dr. Justin Traunero (Anesthesia Resident from Wake Forest Class of 2011) was a recepient of the Penell Pro Humanitate Vitae Grant for his travel to Ghana Africa. During his trip he taught the CRNA students studying anesthesia at Ridge Regional Hospital in the capital of Accra, Ghana. Dr. Traunero presented his travels and scholarly work at Wake Forest Department of Anesthesia Grand Rounds June 2011. More Global Health Activites  | Facebook Photo Album of Dr. Traunero's trip

 The Annual Ether Open Golf Tournament 

Ether Open 2012





1st photo (left to right); Dr. Royster (Vice-Chairman), Dr. Tobin (Chairman) and Dr. MacGregor (Critical Care). 2nd photo and 3rd photo (left to right) - team members, Jeff Peacock (resident), and Justin Porter (resident).

Anesthesiologists vs. CRNAs first annual Softball Challenge

 Softball Game

Beat MS Bike Ride 

Dr. Nikki Taylor with MS Team WFU
Dr. Nikki Taylor and a few familiar faces from the Department of Anesthesiology participated in the Bike MS Tour to Tanglewood.  

Resident Featured in WFBMC publication

Blake Stevenson, MD, anesthesia resident, was featured in Neurocritical Care Improves Outcomes for Patients, an article appearing in Clinical Update, a WFBMC publication, August 2010.


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