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A significant body of research exists in the institution in the hematologic field with a number of investigators working in coagulation based research.

Within the section on Hematology and Oncology, Dr. John Owen pursues his interest in control of coagulation.  The major effort currently underway is to probe the role of ADAMTS13 in TTP and related disorders.  Other fields of study are the VKORC and alpha 2 antiplasmin genes.

The section of Rheumatology has two researchers primarily working in coagulation.  Dr. Maria McGee has contributed significantly to the field of cell surface coagulation kinetics.  She is interested in factor X activation and the role the membrane plays in controlling the rate of factor X activation.  Dr. Reidar Wallin is a recognized authority on the intercellular processing of vitamin K dependent proteins.  His major efforts are directed towards understanding and elucidating the control and specificity of the post transitional modification of the vitamin K dependent coagulation factors.

In the Department of Biochemistry, there are researchers working directly in coagulation.  Dr. Roy Hantgan has a well established reputation as an expert in the field of physical measurement of biochemical phenomenon.  He is currently using laser scattering technology to study the role of platelets in clot stability and clot resistance to lysis.

Dr. David Sane, from the Department of Cardiology, is interested in the basic physiology and pathophysiology of the platelet.  His current work is focused upon the vitronectin receptor.

Two other groups with interest in white cell physiology include Dr. Charles McCall, Head of the Section on Infectious Diseases and Dr. David Bass, in the Section on Pulmonary Diseases (Internal Medicine) who head each group respectively.  These two groups work together in a number of projects particularly directed at elucidating the specific mechanisms involved in priming of neutrophils.


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