Carla Yunis, MD

Carla Yunis - MD, MPH

Associate Director, Medical Affairs
212-733-8208 phone
646-563-1856 fax

MPH in Epidemiology,1992
School of Public Health
University of Minnesota
1984 - 1986; Preventive Medicine Residency
Escola Paulista de Medicina
São Paulo SP, Brazil
1978 - 1983; MD
Escola Paulista de Medicina
São Paulo SP, Brazil 

Research Description:
My research is focused on clinical studies with single pill amlodipine/atorvastatin at Pfizer, Inc. The main research theme is simultaneous treatment of multiple cardiovascular risk factors to enhance compliance and consequent improvement in cardiovascular death risk. 

Recent Publications:
Yunis C. El Papel de los Péptidos de la Angiotensina en la Hipertensión. Hypertensión 2000(1): 31-34. 

Yunis C. Hipertensión en las Mujeres. Hypertensión 2000(2):16-18.

Flack JM, Yunis C, Preisser J, Holmes C, Mensah G, McLean B, Saunders E for the ATIME Research Group.  The rapidity of drug escalation influences blood pressure response and side effect burden in hypertensives: the Quinapril Titration Interval Management Evaluation (ATIME) Study. Archives of Internal Medicine 2000; 160(12):1842-1847.

Yunis C, Jackson SA, Carter L, Marcus C.  Hypertension and Associated Risk Factors in Young African-American Women Attending a Community Health and Wellness Center. North Carolina Medical Journal, 2000;61(4):223-225.

Levy PJ, Yunis C, Owen J, Brosnihan KB, Smith R, Ferrario CM.  Inhibition of Platelet Aggregability by Losartan in Essential Hypertension. American Journal of Cardiology, 2000;86(11):1188-92.

Rodriguez-Perez JC, Rodriguez-Esparragon F, Anabitarte A, Losada A, Hernandez-Perera O, Avalos O, Medina A, Hernandez E, Fiuza D, Yunis C, Ferrario CM.  Association of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme and Angiotensinogen Gene Polymorphisms with Coronary Heart Disease in a Spanish

Population. “The Procagene Study”. Journal of the American 1. College of Cardiology, 2001; 37(6):1536-1542

Flack JM, Grimm RH, Staffileno BA, Elmer P, Yunis C, Hedquist L, Dudley A. New Salt-Sensitivity Metrics: Variability-Adjusted Pressure Change and the Urinary Sodium to Creatinine Ratio. Ethnicity and Disease, 2002;(12)1: 10-19.

Mathews KA, Kiefe CI, Lewis CE, Liu K, Sidney S, Yunis C. Socioeconomic Trajectories in a Biracial Cohort of Young Adults: Risk for Incident Hypertension in the CARDIA Study. Hypertension, 2002 Mar 1;39(3):772-6.

Ratanakorn D, Yunis C, Ferrario CM, McKinney WM. Noninvasive Ultrasound Evaluation of the vertebral Artery in Hypertension. Journal of Neuroimaging, 2002 Apr; 12(2):158-163.

Espeland MA, Kumanyka S, Yunis C, Zheng B, Brown WM, Jackson SA, Wilson AC, Bahnson J, Appel LA for the TONE Cooperative Research Group. Electrolyte Intake and Nonpharmacologic Blood Pressure Control. Annals of  Epidemiology 2002; 12(8):587-595.

Rodriguez-Esparragon F, Rodriguez-Perez JC, Hernandez-Perera O, Medina A, Losada A, Anabitarte A, Alamo-Santana F, Diáz-Cremades JM, Hernandez E, Yunis C, Ferrario CM. The Effect of Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase C677T Common Variant on Hypertensive Risk is Not Solely Explained by Increased Plasma Homocysteine Values. Clinical and Experimental Hypertension 2003; 25(4):209-220.

Reid CL, Anton-Culver H, Yunis C, Gardin JM. Prevalence and clinical Correlates of Mitral and Aortic regurgitation in a Young Adult population: The CARDIA Study. Submitted to Epidemiology.



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