The connection our fellows have with our faculty represents one of the major strengths of our Program. Our faculty recognize the importance of their interactions with the fellows and the value of each fellow's individual goals being realized during those interactions. Fellows on both ID consult services confer daily with attendings about patient management.  Those discussions provide the fellows with opportunities to observe the thought processes and clinical reasoning skills that the faculty utilize in clinical decision-making.   Additionally, those interactions often lead to "teachable moments" and are an effective vehicle for "practical" learning that incorporates both evidence and common-sense.

Like the wide-ranging interests of our fellows, the Infectious Diseases faculty also have varied interests and research backgrounds.  Listed below are some highlights of those interests:

Kevin High, MD, MS  has been a faculty member since 1993.  Dr. High is currently the Section Head of Infectious Diseases as well as the Interim Chair of Internal Medicine and the Director for Clinical Research Resources for the Translational Science Institute.  He was our Infectious Diseases Fellowship Director from 1994-2007.  Dr. High's research interests include geriatric infectious diseases, HIV, the immunology of aging and vaccine response, and infections in transplant patients and other immunocompromised hosts.  He is involved with both grant and industry funded research projects. 

Laura Bachmann, MD, MPH  joined our faculty as an Associate Professor in 2008.  Dr. Bachmann's research interests include STD control in difficult-to-reach populations and performance characteristics of STD diagnostic tests, interventions to reduce sexual risk behaviors in specific populations, and gender-related aspects of HIV.   She is recognized internationally for her STD research and frequently is asked to give lectures and conferences.  She maintains collaborative research efforts with her former colleagues at the University of Alabama where she was instrumental in beginning several major research projects and with colleagues at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, her alma mater.  Dr. Bachmann also works closely with Dr. Barroso in the anal dysplasia clinic and collaborates with him on both clinical care and research around this topic.

Luis Barroso, MD  moved to Wake Forest School of Medicine in 2008 following completion of his fellowship at the University of Virginia.  Dr. Barroso has an interest in human papillomavirus (HPV) and is performing anal dysplasia screening with anal Paps and high-resolution anoscopy in high risk patient populations.   Dr. Barroso splits his time between our main campus and the Salisbury VA Medical Center.

Werner Bischoff, MD, MS, PhD joined our faculty in 2002 after completing our fellowship program on the research track.  He is currently wearing many hats as an Associate Professor in Infectious Diseases, an Associate Professor with the Department of Public Health Sciences, and a Member of the Graduate Faculty with Wake Forest University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.  Dr. Bischoff also serves as the Health System Epidemiologist and head of Infection Prevention for Baptist Medical Center, Davie Medical Center, and Lexington Medical Center.  While there is the important aspect of infection control in his daily activities, Dr. Bischoff's philosophy is focused on "infection prevention".  His research interests include the transmission pathways of viral and bacterial pathogens.

Charles de Comarmond, MD came to Wake Forest School of Medicine in 2002 as an Infectious Diseases Fellow.  Following completion of his fellowship training in 2005, he joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor in Infectious Diseases and as the Section Head for Infectious Disease at the Salisbury VAMC.  He has subsequently been appointed as the Acting Chair of Medicine at the VA.   His areas of interest include chronic HCV, HIV and AIDS medicine, public health and health care policy, and hospital epidemiology.  Dr. de Comarmond as the ID Section Head at the Salisbury VA coordinates our fellows' training experiences at that venue. 

Ricardo La Hoz, MD joined our faculty in September 2013 following completion of his fellowship in Infectious Diseases and Transplant Infectious Diseases at UAB.  His major interests and areas of expertise include invasive fungal infections, infections in the non-HIV immunocompromised host with a particular focus in solid organ transplant and hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients. He works in close relationship with the transplant teams implementing measures to decrease the burden of infection in this vulnerable population. Dr. La Hoz is also a dedicated educator who has already assumed a very active role in fellow education and mentoring.

Vera Luther, MD completed her fellowship in Infectious Diseases at Wake Forest Baptist Health in 2007 and thereafter joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor.  Dr. Luther is involved in all aspects of medical education extending from the student level to resident and fellow education and training.  In addition to her duties in ID, she also serves as one of the Internal Medicine Associate Program Directors for Subspecialty Education. Her research interests include the mechanics of medical decision-making and antimicrobial stewardship.

Marina Nunez, MD, PhDcompleted her Infectious Diseases Fellowship at our institution in 1998 after which she returned to Spain where she worked extensively in the HIV field, with a special interest in HIV and hepatitis co-infection.  Dr Nunez later returned to the US and joined our faculty in 2006. In addition to her clinical and academic responsibilities in ID, she has a joint appointment with Gastroenterology where she is in charge of the Hepatitis Clinic.  Dr. Nunez has performed and mentored multiple research projects on HIV therapy, liver toxicity and co-infection with HCV and HBV. Her current research focus is chronic viral hepatitis.

Christopher Ohl, MD has been a member of our faculty since 2000 and is currently the Medical Director for the Center of Antimicrobial Utilization, Stewardship and Epidemiology.  He is heavily involved in numerous research projects that focus upon antimicrobial utilization and restriction in order to minimize the development of drug resistance and ensures that fellows are trained in the principles and practice of antimicrobial stewardship.  As a reflection of his love of Travel ID, Dr. Ohl is also  the director of the WFBH Travel Clinic.  Each week, a fellow works with Dr. Ohl at the Travel Clinic, learning the nuances of travel and tropical medicine.  In addition he teaches didactic sessions in tropical medicine and emerging infections. 

James Peacock, Jr., MDhas been a faculty member in Infectious Diseases since 1982 and has served as the Fellowship Program Director since 2007.  During his career, Dr. Peacock has been recognized as a "master teacher" and has received numerous teaching awards from both students and residents.  His research interests include infections due to S. aureus, fungal infections, musculoskeletal infections, and prosthetic device infections.  

Katherine Schafer, MD completed her ID fellowship at UVA and immediately returned to North Carolina to join our faculty in August 2013.  She is quite involved with Dr. Aimee Wilkin with the Ryan White Program and is in the process of developing her research interests that focus upon engagement in care and retention in care for HIV infected patients.   Dr. Schafer has very quickly become a mentor for our fellows on both the clinical and research fronts.

Aimee Wilkin, MD, MPH is an Associate Professor who joined our Section in 2001.  Dr. Wilkin is our Ryan White Program Director and is the PI for numerous HIV grants with the Ryan White Program as well as other funding sources.   She is also the Medical Director of the HIV Clinic and is instrumental in fellow education in the ambulatory arena.  Dr. Wilkin's research interests include the evaluation of new HIV therapies, access to care for minority populations with HIV infection, and care retention. 

In addition to our Infectious Diseases faculty, our fellows also work closely with Drs. James Johnson and John Williamson, the ID PharmDs within our Pharmacy Department, with Dr. Elizabeth Palavecino, the Director of the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory, and with our Pediatric Infectious Disease faculty including Drs. Jon Abramson, Laurence Givner, Avinash Shetty, Timothy Peters, and Kacy Ramirez.  

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