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Scheduling Guidelines


Scheduling Guidelines for 3 Year Medical Residents 2016-2017

Each academic year consists of thirteen 4-week blocks.  Guidelines for scheduling are listed below and are intended to provide a well-rounded internal medicine experience with flexibility to meet individual residents training goals.

Intern Year 

    • 6-7 blocks of inpatient wards (including one block of night medicine)
    • Two Intensive Care blocks (CCU and MICU)
    • 3-4 outpatient blocks (include research, VA)
    • One Emergency Medicine (ED) block

Upper Level Years 

  1. Total Upper Level Ward Experience:  11 Blocks
    • 3  Intensive Care Blocks  (1-CCU, 1-MICU, 1-either)
    • 1  Hem/Onc (Hem/Onc A or Leukemia)
    • 1  ACE Unit (Acute Care of the Elderly)
    • 2  Gen Med Wards (either 2 GenMeds or 1 GenMed & Hospitalist)
    • 2  Other Wards  (Hospitalist, Gen Med, Renal, Hem/Onc A, Cardiology, or Leukemia)
    • 2.5 ROC (Resident On Call) blocks: 1.5 as HO2 and 1 as HO3
  2. Other Required Upper Level Rotations:  11 Blocks
    • 1  IM Consults with pre-operative clinic experience (2 weeks)/HO3 ED (2 weeks)
    • 1  Acute Care Ambulatory Rotation:  DHP (HO3 Only); OPD (HO2/3)
    • 1 VA Outpatient Clinic (HO3)
    • 6 Subspecialty Consult Months (Renal, Endocrine, Pulmonary, GI, ID, Rheumatology)
    • 1 Board Study (2 weeks) which is paired with 2 weeks of vacation
    • 1 Outpatient Internal Medicine (2 weeks)/Elective (2 weeks)
  3. Subspecialty Exposure:
    • Categorical residents will complete a consultative rotation at WFBMC in all six  of the following subspecialties: Endocrinology/Gastroenterology/Infectious Diseases /Pulmonary/Rheumatology/Renal.  These rotations provide both outpatient and inpatient consultation experiences.
      • Hem/Onc and Cardiology outpatient are required for Primary Care and are considered elective rotations for categorical residents.
      • Residents participating in the 8 week ambulatory block may apply to receive credit for a consult block in a subspecialty (usually Endo, Rheum or Allergy).  This decision will be made on a case by case basis after consultation with the Associate Program Director for Subspecialty Medicine and the relevant subspecialty consult block director.  Residents should inquire about this in advance.
  4. Other Elective Experience:  4-5 Blocks
    • All Primary Care Track residents and interested Categorical residents may design an 8 week Ambulatory Block for self-styled immersion in ambulatory skills; two blocks for Primary Care Track residents and 1-2 for interested Categorical residents.
    • Subspecialty  (e.g. Hem/Onc, Geriatrics, Palliative Care, Allergy, etc.)  Electives
    • Non-Internal Medicine Specialties (e.g. Derm, Ophtho, ENT, Sports Medicine)
    • Research Electives
    • Clinical and Basic Research: Tinsley Harrison Research Experience (2 blocks)
    • Community-Based Experiences & Other Self-Styled Electives (including international electives) based on the individual learner's needs
    • EBM and Medical Systems/Systems Improvement


Preliminary interns receive six days of vacation over Christmas or New Year's and two other weeks of their choosing (during ambulatory rotations or the ED rotation).  In addition, preliminary interns complete the year on June 23 to transition to their advanced training program.

Categorical interns receive six days of vacation over Christmas or New Year's, and 2 other weeks of their choosing (during ambulatory rotations or the ED rotation).   Categorical Residents complete the program on June 25 of their HO-3 year to allow time to prepare for job or fellowship transitions.

HO2 and HO3 residents receive six days of vacation over either Christmas or New Year's and three additional weeks each year (1 week during an Elective and 2 weeks paired with HO3 Board Study or HO2 night float).

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