Program Faculty

Thomas B. Clarkson, DVM  *(CM) 
J. Mark Cline, DVM PhD  *(CM) 
Floyd H. "Ski" Chilton, PhD  *(‡ §) 
Zheng Cui, MD PhD  *(TB)

Paul A. Dawson, PhD  *(LS ‡)
Purnima Dubey, MD PhD *(TB ‡‡)  
Steven R. Feldman, MD PhD  *(AP †)
A. Julian Garvin, MD PhD  *(AP)

Randolph L. Geary, MD  *(CM ††)
Jay R. Kaplan, PhD  *(CM §§)
Nancy D. Kock, DVM PhD  *(CM) 
Nila Mishra, MD  *(‡)

John S. Parks, PhD  *(LS)
Thomas C. Register, PhD  *(CM)
Lawrence L. Rudel, PhD  *(LS) 
Gregory S. Shelness, PhD  *(LS)
Carol A. Shively, PhD  *(CM) 

Mary Sorci-Thomas, PhD  *(LS)
Richard B. Weinberg, MD  *(# ‡ §)
J. Koudy Williams, DVM  *(CM)
Xue Wei Zhu, PhD  *(LS)

Michael R. Adams, DVM *(Professor Emeritus, CM)
Iris J. Edwards, PhD *(Professor Emeritus, LS)
Richard W. St. Clair, PhD  *(Professor Emeritus, LS)
Janice D. Wagner, DVM PhD  *(Professor Emeritus, CM)


# = Biochemistry
† = Dermatology
‡ =  Internal Medicine
‡‡ = Microbiology & Immunology
§ = Phys/Pharm
## = Public Health Sciences
†† = Surgical Sciences
§§ = WFU Anthropology

Pathology Department:

AP = Anatomic Pathology
CM = Comparative Medicine
LS = Lipid Sciences
TB = Tumor Biology



Quick Reference

Program Director:
Dr. John Parks

Tel: 336-716-2145
Fax: 336-716-6279

E-mail Dr. Parks

Pathology - Lipid Sciences
WF School of Medicine
Medical Center Boulevard
Winston-Salem, NC 27157
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