Lolita Forrest Curtain, PhD


Clinical Scientist
Durham, NC


Molecular Medicine and Translational Science PhD Graduate, 2005-2011
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Winston-Salem NC

BS: Biology (2003); Livingstone College, Salisbury, NC

Advisor: John S. Parks, Ph.D.: Pathology (Lipid Sciences)

Current Research:

My research investigates the effect of echium oil on the development of atherosclerosis and macrophage cholesterol homeostasis using both an in vitro mouse model of atherosclerosis and an ex vivo macrophage culture system.  Clinical studies suggest that the omega-3 fatty acid stearidonic acid (SDA) found in Echium oil is efficiently converted to eicosapentanoic acid (EPA).  The cardioprotective and anti-inflammatory benefits of fish oil are attributed to its enrichment of EPA.  If echium oil is found to be as beneficial as fish oil, it will offer the American diet (which is low in omega-3 fatty acids) an alternative to fish oil, with hopes of reducing the incidence of premature atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases.


Barbara K. Yoza, Jean Y.-Q. Hu, Sue L. Cousart, Lolita M. Forrest, Charles E. McCall.  Induction of RelB Participates in Endotoxin Tolerance.  The Journal of Immunology, 2006, 177:4080-4085.


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Molecular Medicine and Translational Science Graduate Program

Office 336-713-4259

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