Thorsten M. Seyler, MD, PhD


Assistant Professor
Duke University Health System, Orthopaedic Surgery
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC


PhD, Molecular Medicine and Translational Science, 2014, Wake Forest School of Medicine

Semmelweis University for MedicalScience- Budapest, Hungary 1998-2000

Ruprecht-Karls-University -Heidelberg, Germany 2000-2005 

Mayo Medical and Graduate School, Rochester, Minnesota 2004

Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia 2002-2003

Wake Forest University, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 2007-present

Current Research:

Tissue engineering is an emerging field that will significantly contribute to the development of novel therapeutic strategies in ACL reconstruction in the coming years. Over the last decade, various synthetic and naturally-derived tissue engineered scaffolds for ACL repair have been developed. The use of synthetic ligament grafts gained popularity in the late 1980s, and current tissue-engineering strategies have relied predominantly upon these scaffolds. Advantages of using synthetic grafts include the elimination of autogenous tissue harvest, donor site morbidity, and risk of disease transmission. However, synthetic grafts have been associated with a high incidence of chronic foreign body inflammation, debris-induced synovitis, mechanical limitations, and complete graft rupture.

In recent years, the focus shifted to the use of naturally derived scaffolds and materials. Naturally-derived scaffolds combine several important advantages including:

  • Elimination of additional surgical procedures to harvest tissue (decreased operative time)
  • Minimal patient morbidity (no requirement for tendon graft harvest)
  • Simple surgical technique for implantation with established fixation methods 
  • Mechanical integrity for a duration sufficient to allow host tissue ingrowth and allow for immediate stabilization of the knee 
  • Biocompatibility of the graft material and enhanced host remodeling 
  • Preservation of the extracellular protein matrix (cell attachment and proliferation)
  • Biodegradation at a rate sufficient to allow for complete integration of the bioengineered tissue into the host tissue following implantation and until complete remodeling has occurred in vivo
  • Minimal risk for infection or disease transmission

To date, decellularized tissues have been successfully used in a variety of tissue engineering/regenerative medicine applications. My research work is based on the hypothesis that a novel, decellularized, biocompatible, human, allograft tissue-derived scaffold (HAS) demonstrates equivalent biomechanical properties, and an improved rate of osteointegration and graft remodeling when compared to current existing graft choices including: (1) freeze-dried human Achilles tendon allograft, and (2) fresh frozen human Achilles tendon allograft. This would eliminate the limitations associated with present day graft choices and has the potential to significantly improve the treatment of ACL injuries.


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