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Scholarly Activities

Resident Research from 2003-2015


BAILEY, MEAGAN (2011-2015)

Poster Presentation

  • Bailey M, Strowd R, Tate J, Haq I, Tatter S, Laxton A, Siddiqui M.  (2014) Avoiding Ventricular Transgression During DBS Surgery: A Quality Improvement Intervention.  Poster presented at: American Academy of Neurology, Philadelphia, PA.​

BISHOP, LAURA (2011-2015)

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Bishop L, Lamar CD, Hurley RA, Taber KH.  Neuroimaging and neuropsychological consequences fo cardiac arrest.  J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci. 2015 Spring; 27(2):75-9. PMID: 25923847​

GREAR, KARRIE (2010-2014)

​Peer Reviewed Publication

  • Grear KE, Bushnell CD.  Stroke and pregnancy: clinical presentation, evaluation, treatment, and epidemiology.  Clin Obstet Gynecol.2013 Jun; 56(2):359-9.  PMID: 23632643


Peer Reviewed Publication​

  • Lovan A, Haq I, Balakrishnan N.  Diagnostic challenges in movement disorders: Sensory Ataxia Neuropathy Dysarthria and Ophthalmoplegia (SANDO) syndrome.  BMJ Case Rep. Aug 30; 2013.  PMID: 23997076.

MAGRUDER, JOHN (2010-2014)

Peer Reviewed Publication

  • Stone SL, Cartwrifht MS, Panea OR, Vann RC, Magruder JL, Walker FO.  J Clin Neurophysiol. 2014 Dec; 31 (6):e18-20.  PMID:25462150​

STROWD, ROY (2009-2013)

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Strowd RE, Scott B, Walker FO. Black Widow Spider Envenomation, A Rare Cause of Horner's Syndrome. Wilderness Environ Med. 2012 Apr 9. [Epub ahead of print].
  • Strowd RE, Geer C, Powers A, Abou Zeid N. A unique presentation of spinal dural arteriovenous fistula exacerbated by steroids. Journal of Clinical Neuroscience Sept 2011.  [Epub ahead of print].
  • Strowd RE, Cartwright MS, Okun MS, Siddiqui MS.  Pseudobulbar Affect: Prevalence and Quality of Life Impact in Movement Disorders.  J Neurology. 2010;257(8):1382-7. PMID 20376475.
  • Strowd RE, Cartwright MS, Passmore LV, Ellis TL, Tatter SS, Siddiqui MS. Weight change following deep brain stimulation for movement disorders. J Neurology.  2010;257(8):1293-7. PMID 20221769.
  • Strowd RE, Agborbesong P, Eapen M, Ervin S.  Intramural Hematoma of the Esophagus Presenting as Chest Pain.  Journal of Hospital Medicine.  2010;5(7):421-3. PMID 20652964.
  • Stevens EA, Strowd RE, Oaks TE, Mott RT, Wilson J.  Angiofollicular lymph node hyperplasia resembling a spinal nerve sheath tumor: a rare case of Castleman's disease. Spine J. 2009;9(9):e18-22. [Epub 2009 May 30]. PMID: 19482516.
  • Stevens EA, Strowd RE, Branch C. (2008, September 2). Minimally invasive en bloc resection of a spinal hemangioblastoma. American Academy of Neurological Surgeons Online Case Repository.
  • Talsma D, Doty T, Strowd R, Woldorff M. Attentional capacity for processing concurrent stimuli is larger across sensory modalities than within a modality. Psychophysiology. 2006 Nov; 43(6): 541-549. PMID: 17076810.

Non-Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Strowd, RE. Book Review: Media and book reviews: brains: how they seem to work. Neurology 2012 Apr;78(16):e100.
  • Strowd, RE. Book Review: My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey. Neurology 2011 Oct;77:e93.

Poster Presentations

  • Chukwueke UN, Cartwright MS, Griffin LP, Strowd RS, Haq I, Ellis T, Abbott V, Tatter SB, Siddiqui MS.  (2011). Unilateral versus bilateral subthalamic stimulation in Parkinson's Disease. Poster presented at: Movement Disorder Society International Congress.
  • Chittick P, Strowd RE, Tatter S, Peacock J. (2010). Deep Brain Stimulator Infections - An Analysis of Risk Factors, Microbiologic Etiologies, and Management at a Single Institution. Poster presented at: Wake Forest School of Medicine Resident and Fellow Research Day, Winston Salem, NC.
  • Strowd RE, Cartwright MS, Okun MS, and Siddiqui MS.  (2009, June). Prevalence of pseudobulbar affect and its relationship with mood symptoms in patients with movement disorders.  Poster presented at: NC Neurological Society, Charlotte, NC.
  • Strowd RE, Cartwright MS, Passmore LV, Ellis TL, Tatter SS, and Siddiqui MS.  (2009, April). Weight change following deep brain stimulation for movement disorders. Poster presented at: American Academy of Neurology, Seattle, Wa.
  • Strowd RE, Cartwright MS, Okun MS, and Siddiqui MS.  (2009, June). Prevalence of pseudobulbar affect and its relationship with mood symptoms in patients with movement disorders.  Poster presented at: Movement Disorder Society International Congress, Paris, France.
  • Strowd RE, Bajaj S, Cartwright MS, Ellis TL, Nawaz K, Tatter SS, and Siddiqui MS.  (2009, June).  Risk factors for intracranial hemorrhage during deep brain stimulation surgery.  Poster presented at: Movement Disorder Society International Congress, Paris, France.
  • Strowd R, Kim P, Ellis T, Siddiqui M, Tatter S. (2007, April). Comparison of Infection Rates in Staged Versus Non-staged Approaches to Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery. Poster presented at: American Academy of Neurological Surgery.


Research experience

  • Thirty day readmission study in Stroke; Principle Investigator: Cheryl Bushnell M.D. Retrospective study evaluating risk factors which were common in patients who were readmitted 30 days after their initial admission for ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke.     Clinical Research, Department of Neurology, Wake Forest Baptist Health  2011 - present.
  • Preeclampsia and Vasomotor Reactivity Study; Principle Investigator: Cheryl Bushnell M.D.

Case/Control study assessing vasomotor reactivity in patients with preeclampsia compared to that of controls.  Clinical Research, Department of Neurology, Wake Forest Baptist Health. 2010 - present

WYATT, NATHAN  (2009-2013)

  • I am working with Dr. Jane Boggs of WFBH Neurology on a study of epilepsy monitoring unit diagnostic utility and provocative techniques.  We plan for presentation at the national American Epilepsy Society convention in December 2012.

KOTLOSKI, ROBERT (2008-2012)  
Journal Articles

  • Kotloski, R., and McNamara, J.O. Reduction of TrkB expression de novo in the adult mouse impairs epileptogenesis in the kindling model. Hippocampus, 20 (6), 713-723. 2010.
  • Danzer, S.C., Kotloski, R.J., Walter, C., Hughes, M., and McNamara, J.O. (2008).  Altered morphology of hippocampal dentate granule cell presynaptic and postsynaptic terminals following conditional deletion of TrkB.  Hippocampus, 18(7), 668-678. 2008.
  • Borges, K., Gearing, M., Rittling, S., Sorensen, E.S., Kotloski, R., Denhardt, D.T., and Dingledine, R.  Characterization of osteopontin expression and function after status epilepticus.  Epilepsia, 49(10), 1675-1685. 2008.
  • Taylor, G.A., Rodriguiz, R.M., Greene, R.I., Daniell, X., Henry, S.C., Crooks, K.R., Kotloski, R., Tessarollo, L., Phillips, L.E., and Wetsel, W.C. Behavioral characterization of P311 knockout mice.  Genes, Brain, and Behavior, 7(7), 786-795. 2008
  • Tahirovic, Y.A., Geballe, M., Gruszecka-Kowalik, E., Myers, S.J., Lyuboslavsky, P., Le, P., French, A., Irier, H., Choi, W., Easterling, K., Yuan, H., Wilson, L.J., Kotloski, R., McNamara, J.O., Dingledine, R., Liotta, D.C., Traynelis, S.F., and Snyder, J.P. Enantiometric propanolamines as selective N-methyl-D-aspartate 2B receptor antagonists.  Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 51(18), 5506-5521. 2008


  • Liu, G., Kotloski, R.J., and McNamara, J.OInhibition of TrkB kinase activity exhibits unique anticonvulsant properties in kindling model.  Poster presented at: Society for Neuroscience, Washington, DC. . (2011, November)
  • Kotloski, R.J., Stapleton-Kotloski, J.R., Popli, G., Boggs, J., O'Donovan, C.A., and Godwin, D.W. (Magnetoencephalography in the evaluation of epilepsy:  The Wake Forest Baptist experience.  Poster presented at:  American Epilepsy Society; Baltimore, MD. 2011, December).
  • Stapleton-Kotloski, J.R., Kotloski, R.J., Boggs, J., Popli, G., Cornell, C., Godwin, D.W., and O'Donovan, C.A.  Imaging temporal lobe epilepsy with magnetoencephalography.  Poster presented at: American Epilepsy Society; Baltimore, MD. (2011, December).
  • Kotloski, R.J. and O'Donovan, C.A. Bicycling during complex partial seizures. Poster presented at: American Epilepsy Society; San Antonio, TX. (2010, December).
  • Stapleton-Kotloski, J.R., Huitt, T.W., Kotloski, R.J., Boles, W., O'Donovan, C.A., and Godwin, D.W. Imaging Cortical Networks Involved in Childhood Absence Epilepsy with Magnetoencephalography. Poster presented at: American Epilepsy Society; San Antonio, TX. (2010, December).

MAYANS, DAVID (2008-2012)
Journal Articles:

  • Harshberger, JL, Ahlerts-Schmidt, CR, Mayans, L, Mayans, D, Hawkins, JH. "Pro-Anorexia Websites: What a Clinician Should Know." International Journal of Eating Disorders 42.4 (2009):367-70.
  • He F, Samra HS, Tucker WC, Mayans DR, Hoang E, Gromet-Elhanan Z, Berrie CL, Richter ML. "Mutations within the C-terminus of the gamma subunit of the photosynthetic F1-ATPase activate MgATP hydrolysis and attenuate the stimulatory oxyanion effect." Department of Molecular Biosciences, The University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas 66045, USA.  Biochemistry. 2007 Mar 6;46(9):2411-8. Epub 2007 Feb 9.

Poster Presentations

  • Mayans, D, Howse, E, Sam, M. "Paraplegia in Vitamin B12 Deficiency after Cervical Spine Repair."  Presented at AAN 2011.

Journal Articles:

  • Sullivan E, Marandi M, et al. "The natural history of muscle cramps in ALS." Abstract submitted to the Northeast Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Consortium, September 2011.
  • Sullivan E, Bushnell C. "Management of menstrual migraine: a review of current abortive and prophylactic therapies." Current Pain and Headache Report. 2010 Oct; 14(5): 376-84.
  • Assisted in research and data collection for the retrospective chart study "Diabetes mellitus is underrepresented in ALS and not explained by body mass index," August 2006-February 2007.  Presented study at the 18th International Symposium on ALS/MND in Toronto, Canada, December 2007.

TATE, JESSICA (2008-2012)


  • Tate J, Siddiqui M, et al. "Institutional Outcomes in Patients Evaluated for Possible Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus". American Academy of Neurology Annual Conference. New Orleans, LA, April 2012.


  • Tate J, Bushnell C.  "Pregnancy and Stroke Risk in Women".  Womens Health 7(3):363-74. 2011
  • Heideman PD, Broussard DR, Tate JA, Avigdor M.  "Number of Immunoreactive GnRH-Containing Neurons Is Heritable in a Wild-Derived Population of White-Footed Mice".  Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 80(5):534-541. 2007

ASHBURN, JOSEPH (2007-2011) 
Poster Presentations:

  • The role of continuous EEG in therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest. Poster presentation at the National Neurocritical Care Society Meeting. Sept 10'
  • Case presentation involving Homozygous Factor V Leiden and AION (Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy) Poster presentation at the North Carolina Neurological Society Annual Meeting. Feb 10' 

FERGUSON, PAUL (2008-2011)

  • Ferguson, PB, O'Donovan, CA. Coexistence of mesial temporal sclerosis and neurofibromatosis in a case of surgically  treated refractory epilepsy.. Presented as Abstract AES 09
  • Neuroultrasound findings of muscle thickness in critical ill long term ventilated patients.  Ferguson, PB, Cartwright, M. Abstract AANEM.

LAMAR, CORY (2007-2010)

  • Lamar, C.; Sam, M.; Boggs, J.; Bell, W.; O'Donovan, C.  Patients with PEDs During Continuous EEG Monitoring. Poster presentation at American Epilepsy Society meeting in San Antonio, TX, 12-2010. View Poster

EVANS,  ANDREW  (2006-2010)

  • Project: Correlation between ictal EEG and MR pulsed arterial spinned labeling. Department: Neurology, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC (present) Mentor:  Dr. Cormac O'Donovan

Journal Articles

  • Evans, A, Sam, M. A Case Report: Triphasic Waves associated with Endocarditis- Submitted
  • Evans, A, Burdette, J, O'Donovan, C. A., Localization and Identification of Status Epilepticus by MR Arterial Spin Labeling. Epilepsia 0, Suppl. 0 (Abst. 1.151), 2009
  • Pollock JM, Deibler AR, Burdette JH, Kraft RA, Tan H, Evans AB, Maldjian JA.  Migraine Associated Cerebral Hyperperfusion with Arterial Spin-Labeled MR Imaging.  AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2008 May 22.
  • Evans A, Hong JK, Long TJ, Rubery B, O'Donovan CA. Ictal asystole treated with pacemaker prior to seizure diagnosis [abstract]. Epilepsia. 2008; 49(Suppl 7):6.
  • Borlongan, C.V. et al.  Limitations of Intravenous human bone marrow CD133+ Cell Grafts in Stroke Rats.  Brain Research.  2005, June 28

Book Chapter

  • Evans, A, Boggs, J. Clinical Utility of Evoked Potentials. eMedicine. January, 2010

HAINES, SCOTT  (2006-2010)

  • Haines S, Martin T.  A retrospective review of monocular hemianopias, Accepted for presentation as a poster at 2010 North American Neuro-Ophthalmology Society meeting and plan to submit for publication of full paper
  • Haines S, Pharr E and Siddiqui M. Idiopathic adult onset opsoclonus- a review and report of three patients,  Presented as a poster at the North Carolina Neurological Society in 2009 and plan to submit for publication of full paper
  • Haines S and Martin T.  Auto-fluorescence of the lens with near ultraviolet light for pupillary exam. This may be submitted as a full paper or a letter to the editor
  • When do patients with Parkinson disease disclose their diagnosis?  Haines S, Chen H, Anderson KE, Fishman PS, Shulman LM, Weiner WJ, and Reich SG. Neurology 2006; 67:488-490.

SHIN, HAEWON  (2006-2010)

  • Abstract of Successful Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) for pediatric refractory nonconvulsive status epilepticus patient, American Epilepsy Society in 2009 and North Carolina Neurology Annual Meeting in 2010 and Currently manuscript for full case report in progress.

GREINER, HANSEL (2005-2009)

  • Greiner, O'Donovan et al.  Abstract/Poster presented at American Epilepsy Society December 2008: "Ability to achieve burst suppression during treatment for NCSE is not associated with better prognosis" 
  • Bench research project ongoing: Efficacy of calpain inhibitor in a Duchenne's muscular dystrophy canine model


  • O'Donovan C, Kennedy B., and Mohen S. "Clinical Clues to Nonepileptic Seizures"-a retrospective review of Epilepsy Monitoring Unit admissions over two years; on-going project.
  • Kennedy BL and Walker FO. "What is the prognostic significance of alien hand sign in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease?" (poster accepted to American Academy of Neurology conference 4/09)
  • Kennedy BL, Johnson N, and Walker FO. "A curious collection of CJD." (poster presented at North Carolina Neurologic. Soc. Conference 2/09)
  • Kennedy L., Leefe W., Leslie B. "The Ashman Phenomenon" J. of the Louisiana State Medical Society. May/June 2004 v156n3  p159-162.
  • Senior Engineering Design Project "Glycosuria Detection Tablet for Diabetics" 2000-2001

PATEL, ARPITA (2005-2009)

  • Performed retrospective chart review of a hundred polysomnograms.  Of patients being screened for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), we were interested to see if insomnia coexisted in our patient population and how the Insomnia Severity Index (ISI) performed in predicting sleep apnea.  This study involved a retrospective chart review of polysomnographic reports and medical records of patients with a baseline polysomnogram performed at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Sleep Lab from July 2006 to October 2006.  Insomnia severity in this sample showed high rates of insomnia but surprisingly these were not related to degree of OSA.  Our findings suggest that while both coexist but we found no support that OSA is a primary cause of insomnia. WFUSM, 2008-09.


  • Pivotal Trial. Assessment team member at WFUBMC Site. 2006-2009.
  •  Naritoku, Dean K. and Mary L. Campagna-Gibson.  Tolerability of Rapid Initiation and Titration of Vagus Nerve Stimulation. American Epilepsy Society Meeting ,Abstract Poster Presentation Department of Neurology and Pharmacology at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.  Dec. 2004

CRAIG , JEFFREY (2004-2008)

  • Assessment of cerebral hemodynamics during and following  intravenous immune globulin (IVIg) infusion by transcranial Doppler and dynamic vascular     analysis. 2006-present

Book Chapter: (As current faculty member)

  • Jeffrey M. Craig and Cheryl D. Bushnell.  Oral Contraceptives and the Risk of Stroke: Epidemiology, Pathophysiologic Mechanisms, and Risk Reduction.  In Cerebral Ischemia in Young Adults: Pathogenic and Clinical Perspectives.  Nova Science Publishers, Inc, Hauppauge, NY, 2009.


Poster presentation

  • Neurosyphilis Mimicking Herpes Encephalitis: Yet Another Masquerade, American Society of Neuroradiology. 2006

ISAAC, MITCHELL (2003-2007)

  • Corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH) antagonist attenuates adjuvant induced arthritis: role of CRH in peripheral inflammation. J Rheumatol. 2002 Jun; 29(6):1252-61.
  •  Effect of Cortical Cooling on Interictal Epileptiform Activities.  Neurology  Vol.  62:7 (suppl. 5):  A282 
  •  A survey evaluating the beliefs of radiology residency program directors regarding incorporation of numeric standards into accreditation standards. Acad Radiol. 2004 Apr;11(4):436-8.
  •   Research Sub-investigator for 3 completed and 5 ongoing Multiple Sclerosis studies.
  •   Transparental Nutrition Through Misplaced Arterial Central Venus Catheter Results In Embolic Stroke.  Abstract accepted to American Society of Neuroimaging, 01/2007.


  • Status Epilepticus Database Project - Department of Neurology, WFUSM,  September 2006 - December 2007.  Retrospective review of electroencephalography data and patient charts to study diagnoses, anti-epileptic medications, and outcomes for patients with continuous EEG monitoring for at least 24 hours.  Faculty mentor was Dr. Cormac O'Donovan.
  • Effects of Ginkgo Biloba Extract on Cognition and Posterior Cerebral Artery Flow Velocity in Healthy Young Adults - Department of Neurology, WFUSM.  August  2000 - 2003.  Responsibilities included administration of neuropsychological test battery and statistical analysis.  Primary goal of the research project was the evaluation of proposed cognitive-enhancing effects of ginkgo biloba extract using four neuropsychological tests.  Secondary aims were to assess the effect of GBE on flow velocity in the posterior cerebral artery (PCA), and response of PCA flow velocity to light stimulus evoked flow testing, as measured by transcranial Doppler ultrasound (TCD).  Faculty mentor was Dr. Charles Tegeler.

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