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MFM Fellowship Alumni

Fellows Name


Dates of Fellowship

Lewis H. Nelson, MD   1978-1980    
Richard B. Urban, MD   1979-1981    
Randall T. Kelly, MD   1980-1982    
Patrician M. Dix, MD   1981-1983    
Joseph M. Ernest, MD   1982-1984    
Margaret A. Harper, MD  1984-1986    
Alexander D. Kofinas, MD   1985-1987    
Timothy L. Bennett, MD   1986-1988    
William V. Cuthrell, MD   1987-1989    
Paula J. Melone, DO   1988-1990    
Ronald K. Jaekle, MD   1989-1991    
Asad U. Sheikh, MD   1990-1992    
Phillip C. Greig, MD   1991-1993    
John R. Stanley, MD   1992-1994    
David R. Burrus, MD   1993-1995    
C. David Adair, MD   1994-1996    
Jon S. Rosnes, MD   1994-1996    
William A. Block Jr, MD   1996-1998    
Michael L. Draper, MD   1996-1998    
Charles P. Mirabile Jr, MD   1996-1998    
Elizabeth C. Pryor, MD   1998-2001    
Heather L. Mertz, MD   1999-2002    
Shawn P. Stallings, MD   2000-2003    
Quyunh T. Vo, MD   2001-2004    
Ngina K. Connors, MD                                                                           2002-2005    

Fellows Name


Dates of Fellowship


Thesis Title

Gretchen L. Koontz, MD   2003-2006   Acute And Long-Term Effects Of Clinical Doses Of Antenatal Glucocorticoids In The Developing Fetal Sheep Kidney
Moncenya L. Chatman, MD   2004-2007  Role of Angiotensin in Regulating Maternal Blood Pressure During Pregnancy 
Jennifer G. Smith, MD   2005-2008   The Effect Of Prenatal Betamethasone Exposure On The Intrarenal Renin Angiotensin System
Stephen A. Contag, MD  2006-2009  Developmental Effect Of Antenatal Exposure To Betamethasone On Renal Angiotensin II Activity In The Young Adult Sheep 
Patricia L. Scott, MD   2008-2010   Variable Prenatal Stress: a rat model of prenatal behavior
Ryan A. Stone, MD   2008-2011   Gender Related Effects of Prenatal Steroid Exposure on Renal Angiotensin –
Converting Enzyme 2 in Fetal Hypertension
Kristine M. Strickland, MD   2009-2012  Antenatal Programming of Variable Stress
Kai Chen, MD   2010-2013   Gender Differences in Renal ACE and ACE Gene Expression and Activity During Development in Sheep
Ugochi N. Akoma, MD   2011-2014   Extreme Maternal Obesity and Origin of Cytokines in the Fetal Circulation
Kristina M. Shumard, MD   2012-2015   Hyaluronic Acid Concentration of the Cervicovaginal Fluid in Women with a Mid-Trimester Shortened Cervix
Linda M. Street, MD 2013-2016  Exhaled Nitric Oxide as a Biomarker of Gestational Obstructive Sleep Apenea and Persistence Postpartum


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Residents 336-716-4615
Fellows 336-716-4304


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