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Each resident is required to pursue a clinical research project of his/her choice under the supervision of a faculty person, and encouraged to publish at least one paper in a peer-reviewed academic journal before the training program can be considered to have been successfully completed. Residents are given specific instruction in presenting case reports and scientific papers, and they benefit from superior audiovisual services for academic and scholarly pursuits. Each resident is sent to at least one Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and the department also fully sponsors residents who have papers accepted at national meetings.

North Carolina Lions Clinical Research Division
A major grant from the Lions Clubs of North Carolina and Lions International helped to fund the NC Lions Clinical Research Division. It is an integral part of Wake Forest University Eye Center which moved into its new facility in 1990. A dedicated research space of more than 1,000 sq.ft. and proximal to the Eye Center's waiting areas and diagnostic facilities, the division is staffed by full-time research nurses.

The North Carolina Lions has had a long history with the eye center -- providing a major donation of clinical examination equipment in 1947.

Since its inception, the Clinical Research Division has performed numerous and diverse clinical studies ranging from the evaluation of potential ocular side effects of anti-cholesterol drugs to a pioneering photographic technique of documenting diffuse retinal diseases in a computer-driven, seamless fashion. This later work was displayed at an International Congress of Ophthalmology in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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Recent Resident Research Posters:

“Is it advanced posterior uveitis or end stage disease: Who do you not treat? Multiple case scenarios with two year follow up analyzed by an expert panel” Elysa A. Brown, MD

“Effect of brow fixation in evaluation of levator palpebrae superiouris function in normal lid function and upper lid ptosis” Elysa A. Brown, MD

"PresbyLASIK: A Suregeon’s Initial Experience at Wake Forest" J. Stuart Tims, MD

"Review of Needling Procedures after Failed Trabeculectomy" Jacob C. Meyer, MD

"The effect of Graft Thickness on Outcomes in DSEK" J. Stuart Tims, MD

"Outcomes of Intraocular Lens Exchanges at Wake Forest over 5 Years" Michelle D. Patel, MD

"Study of Sub-Tenons Kenalog and Scleritis" Steven J. Shaw, MD

"The Clinical Spectrum of Lamellar Macular Defects: Clinical Observations and Visual Outcomes" Monica B. Kim, MD

"Assessment of Patient Pain Experienced with Sequential Cataract Surgery Under Topical Anesthesia" Amy J. Estes, MD

"Small Incision DSEK: A Comparison of Methods" J. Brian Foster MD

"Update on IFIS in Women" Christopher J. Gee, MD

"Bandage Contact Lens after DSEK" Jeremy J. Bonkowske MD

"Evaluation of Postoperative Astigmatism from use of the MultiKeratome during Cataract Surgery" Steven J. Shaw, MD

"Intacts for Keratoconus: Initial Results" Amy J. Estes, MD

"Visual Acuity Outcomes in Lower Dose I-135 Plaque Therapy for Choroidal Melanoma" Christopher J. Gee, MD

"A Retrospective Case Series Analysis of Visual Outcomes and Complication Rates in Descemet’s Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty" J. Brian Foster, MD

"Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty: A Surgeon’s Initial Experience and Learning Curve" Jeremy J. Bonkowske, MD

"Supplementing Lucentis with Intravitreal Kenalog for Fibrovascular Pigment Epithelial Detachment in Neovascular AMD" David J. Jacobs, MD

"Endosaver DSEK Graft Insertion Device" Lisa U. McIntire, MD

"DSEK Visual Acuity after Debridement of Epithelium with Contact Lens" Kevin R. Swan, MD


D. Bryan Sloan, III, MD Award     Research Sloan Award

The D. Bryan Sloan (1962 - 1993), III, MD Award, named for our resident ('89 - '92) and friend; an outstanding young physician who distinguished himself at every level of his training and approached his responsibilities with laudable ability and idealism.

Recent Winners:

J. Stuart Tims, MD "The effect of Graft Thickness on Outcomes in DSEK"

J. Stuart Tims, MD "PresbyLASIK: A Suregeon’s Initial Experience at Wake Forest"

Christopher J. Gee, MD, Lisa U. McIntire, MD, Neal J. Peterson, MD, Patrick W. Laber, MD

David D. Gilbert, MD  "Intra-Luminal Pressure Characteristics of the Modified Baerveldt Tube Shunt - A comparison of Needle Perforation and Venting Slit Techniques"

David D. Gilbert, MD  "In Vitro Pressure Response to Modifications of the Baerveldt Tube Shunt"

Alice L. Bashinsky, MD  "Ocular Injuries from Paintball Pellets"


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