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July 2013 - June 2014 

PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residents: 


Rachel Filipek, PharmD  Rachel Filipek

School of Pharmacy:          Northeastern University

Undergraduate:                  Northeastern University

Hometown:                         Westfield, MA 

Professional Interests:      Critical Care, ID, Oncology


Why WFBMC:            

When I began applying for residency positions, I was looking for a program that could provide me with a variety of experiences, qualified and approachable preceptors, and a challenging environment that would motivate me to improve as a professional. After interviewing at the Baptist, I realized that I could have everything on my wish list and more. Not only was the pharmacy staff welcoming, but they have moved the profession forward to the extent that they are very well integrated into the multidisciplinary health care team. This provides for a unique learning experience that will develop my skills as a pharmacist and prepare me for whatever lies ahead. I am excited for the opportunity to complete my PGY 1 here and am looking forward to an awesome year! 


Beth Migliaccio, PharmD  Beth Magliaccio

School of Pharmacy:             Campbell University College of 
                                                Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Undergraduate:                     North Carolina State University

Hometown:                            Marmora, NJ

Professional Interests:          Pediatrics


Why WFUBMC:         

When looking for my residency program, I wanted to find a program that would allow me to reach my professional goals through offering a variety of rotations, impactful projects and research to be involved in, and teaching opportunities. Most importantly, I wanted a program that had preceptors who would develop me professionally and genuinely have an interest in me. I also have a strong interest in pediatrics and wanted a program that offered pediatric rotations, had dedicated pediatric pharmacists that I could learn from, and the opportunity to obtain a PGY2 residency in pediatrics. When I spoke with those involved with the residency program at conferences and at my interview, I knew I had found my residency home at WFBMC. I am excited about joining the WFBMC residency program and obtaining my goals with guidance from a supportive program and department.


Katie Wallace, PharmD      Katie Wallace

School of Pharmacy:           Purdue University College of

Undergraduate:                   Purdue University

Hometown:                          Fort Wayne, Indiana

Professional Interests:       Infectious Diseases, Oncology, Critical Care



I interviewed all over the country looking for a program that could provide me with great preceptors, strong rotations in a variety of areas, excellent research and teaching opportunities, and a tailored experience.  For each interview, I made a list of all the pros and cons of each program hoping that it would help me decide among the amazing residencies, but when I interviewed at WFBMC, I left knowing without a doubt that this was where I wanted to be.  Not only were the preceptors clearly experts in their fields, but they were passionate about teaching and committed to the residency program.  The residents also had great personalities and a clear excitement to be a part of such an excellent, prestigious program.  For me, it was the connection I had with the people that made me confident I would be a great fit here.  It was just an added bonus that they also had all of the qualities I was looking for in a PGY1 program, so that I could have the best learning experience possible. I am so grateful to be a part of this program and am excited for the opportunities this year will bring!


Laura Zane, PharmD      Laura Zane

School of Pharmacy:        University of North Carolina

Undergraduate:                Michigan State University

Hometown:                       Warren, Michigan

Professional Interests:     Infectious Diseases and Emergency Medicine



WFBMC's reputation of training highly qualified clinical pharmacists is what initially drew my attention to the program. I knew that this program would allow me to develop my clinical and leadership skills as well as explore my professional interests through the broad range of elective rotations, projects and teaching opportunities that are offered. After meeting the current residents, program directors, and preceptors, it was clear to me how much everyone truly enjoyed working with each other and I immediately felt accepted as a part of the team. Upon completion of my training at WFBMC, I know I will be a highly competitive candidate for any position that I pursue and that I will have formed lifelong relationships with excellent mentors and friends.


PGY2 Specialty Residents


Kristina Rokas, PharmD, PGY2 Rokas_Kristina_SQ
Infectious Diseases Specialty Resident

School of Pharmacy:  South Carolina College of Pharmacy
                                    USC Campus

Undergraduate:         University of South Carolina

Hometown:                Atkinson, New Hampshire

Professional Interests: Infectious Diseases



When I was participating in the PGY1 interview process, I was looking for a program with a second year specialty in infectious diseases, strong rotations in various areas of expertise, knowledgeable preceptors, and an environment that would challenge me and facilitate my development as a clinical pharmacist.  From the beginning of my PGY1 residency at WFBH, the program far exceeded my expectations and I knew this was the perfect place for me to pursue ID training. It was an easy decision to early commit to a second year!  The ID pharmacists are exceptional and always readily available to answer questions from residents and other pharmacy staff.  The program will provide me with strong, well-rounded rotations in antimicrobial stewardship, in the ID clinic, and on the ID consult services.  In addition, there are many opportunities for me to refine my teaching and precepting skills, as well as participate in the research process. I am thankful for the opportunity to participate in the ID specialty residency at WFBH and looking forward to a wonderful year! 


Kaitlin McGinn, PharmD, PGY2 Critical Care Katlin McGinn

PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency: West Virginia University 

School of Pharmacy:             University of Florida  

Undergraduate:                     University of Florida

Hometown:                            Indialantic, Florida

Professional Interests:          Critical Care



Applying for my second year of residency, I was looking for a program at a large, academic medical center with diverse experiences within critical care, strong clinical preceptors and top-notch research opportunities - I found all that and more at WFBMC. The strong rapport pharmacists have with physicians and the flexibility to tailor elective rotations to my professional goals and interests made it an easy decision to come to WFBMC. Since coming to Wake Forest, I have been impressed by the friendliness and approachability of the pharmacy staff and preceptors and their interest in each individual resident. I am convinced furthering my residency training at WFBMC will be an ideal setting for me to achieve my professional goals. I am so excited to be a part of the Baptist team and am looking forward to a great year!


Coco Perry, PharmD, PGY2 Pediatrics   Perry_Courtney_SQ

School of Pharmacy:             South Carolina College of
                                                Pharmacy - USC Campus

Undergraduate:                     University of South Carolina

Hometown:                            Kirtland, Ohio

Professional Interests:          Pediatrics



I have always had a passion for pediatrics and I knew right away during my PGY1 at Baptist that I would want to stay for a second year.  When asked what my favorite part of being a resident here is, I always answer, "The people," and I truly believe you would be hard pressed to find a better group to work with.  I continue to be amazed at how welcoming the whole department is and feel blessed to be able to learn from such incredibly intelligent people.  Baptist has an extremely progressive pharmacy department and offers a multitude of opportunities to its residents, making it an excellent place to train. I am looking forward to another wonderful year at The Bapstist!


Morgan Pendleton, PharmD, Pendleton_Morgan_SQPGY2 Oncology Specialty Resident  

School of Pharmacy:   East Tennessee State University 
                                      Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy

Undergraduate:            University of Tennessee

Hometown:                    Kingsport, TN

Professional Interests: Oncology


 Why WFUBMC:         

I discovered early in my PGY-1 pharmacy practice residency that I had a passion for oncology pharmacy. I loved my pediatric hematology/oncology and bone marrow transplant rotations, but I knew that I had so much more to learn. I quickly realized how lucky I was to be working with and learning from these clinical specialists and physicians during my PGY-1 year. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to continue my training as the PGY-2 oncology specialty resident at Wake Forest Baptist Health. I have interests in both pediatric and adult oncology, as well as the inpatient and outpatient pharmacy settings. This year will give me the chance to be exposed to each of these areas and many more. I look forward to spending another amazing year at Baptist!



Pharmacy Administration Residents 


Joanna Robinson, PharmD (PGY1 - Administration) Joanna Robinson

School of Pharmacy:             University of Kansas

Undergraduate:                     University of Kansas

Hometown:                            Lawrence, Kansas

Professional Interests:          Administration; Leadership; Advocacy; 
                                                 Government Affairs



When looking for a program, I knew Wake Forest would offer exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted a program where I can develop my leadership skills, build upon my pharmacy practice experience and where I am integrated into a pharmacy model that is focused on clinical knowledge and hands-on management experience. During my interview, there were several elements of the program that convinced me that Wake Forest is where I want to complete my administration residency. I was encouraged to see such positive interactions between the leadership core, residents, and other members of the pharmacy staff. It is exciting that the Wake Forest pharmacy department is constantly re-defining the status quo and implements new technology and initiatives. I also appreciated the tremendous focus on patient-centered care that Wake Forest offers.  With great opportunities, excellent mentors, and clinical development, I knew Wake Forest was for me!


Mitch Dorn, PharmD (PGY2 - Administration) Dorn_Mitch_SQ

School of Pharmacy:             The Ohio State University

Undergraduate:                     The Ohio State University

Hometown:                            Chardon, OH

Professional Interests: Administration; Healthcare Finance; 
                                        Continuum of Care improvement



From the moment I interviewed, I knew that Baptist was the place I wanted to be for my residency. One of the things that brought me to Baptist was the incredible family atmosphere of support and teamwork that permeates throughout the whole pharmacy department. The leadership team has been so welcoming to its residents that you truly feel like an asset from day one. There was a strong emphasis on developing my clinical skills tailored to my interests within their highly regarded PGY1 program, which is something that I found unique to WFBH's administrative program. The professional opportunities currently going on here, from the implementation of the Epic EMR system to learning about the high level of automation employed in the department to the current initiatives to improve the continuity of patient care, would be difficult to find all at the same place at one time. All of these opportunities are what attracted me to the program, and I am so excited to be a part of learning in such an innovative pharmacy practice!


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