General Information

 Identification Badges 
All employees of the Medical Center must have and wear an Identification Badge. These badges are not only your ID, but the badge gains you entrance into the employee parking deck and allows you to obtain your free meals when on-call. Badges are obtained  in Medical Center Identification Department located in Meads Hall, Ground Floor, Suite C. 

Medical Center E-mail Accounts
All incoming house staff will have a Medical Center e-mail account set up prior to your arrival. Particular information about your e-mail address will be given to you at Orientation.

House Staff Mailboxes
All house staff will be assigned a mailbox in the Medical Center’s Mailroom as of July 1. On July 1 or after each house officer will be required to go by the Mailroom’s service window. Inform the personnel there that you are a new house officer and need your mailbox assignment and combination. Do not inquire about your mailbox prior to July 1. Exceptions: Diagnostic Radiology, Family Medicine, Anesthesiology residents and Otolaryngology receive all of their mail in departmental mailboxes.

Beepers are assigned by the program to which you have been appointed.

Protecting Patient Information and Social Media Outlets 

Protecting our patients' information is paramount at The Medical Center as outlined in the Social Media Policy and this statement "Patient Information and Social Media Don't Mix".   Please review both and adhere to our protocol. 

Lab Coats
 Lab coats are provided to incoming residents by their department.  Please check with the program you will be training in to determine the process for obtaining your lab coats.  If your program is not providing lab coats, purchases can be made in the Gift Shop on Main Floor, Ardmore Tower. 

You also need to check with the department to determine their process for getting your lab coats cleaned. Cleaning is available via the Gift Shop

N. C. License Renewal

Residency Training and Full Licenses expire on your birthday.  The renewal process must occur annually within 30 days of your birth date regardless of the initial approval.  Payments are made by credit card.  A $50 late fee will apply if a timely renewal is not accomplished. 

Children's Choice Learning Center  (CCLC)

The Medical Center provides a Child Care Center for the children of Medical Center employees. They accept children between the ages of six weeks to five years old. The Center is open between the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 6:15pm; Monday – Friday. The cost of placing a child in the Child Care Center varies depending on the age of the child and the hours of care. This cost is automatically payroll deducted. If you are interested in putting your child’s name on the waiting list or would like more information about the Child Care Center, please call them at 336-716-0300.

On-Call Meals and Accommodations
All house staff required to remain in the hospital overnight are provided dinner and breakfast by the hospital within the limitations of the On-Call meal policy.   Please see the On-Call Meals for Residents policy and Frequently Asked Questions for specific information.

All house staff required to remain in the hospital overnight are provided on-call accommodations for the night. Many of these rooms are reserved by the house officer by calling 6-0007 on the day of their call. Please see the On Call Room Policy for specific information.

2014 House Staff Salaries Effective 10/05/2014     

HO   I $47,941.00 HO V     $52,400.54              HO IX   $56,860.16
HO II$49,055.64            HO VI$53,515.45   
HO  III  $50,170.73 HO VII$54,630.35   
HO IV$51,285.63 HO VIII$55,745.25   

A Message from the Resident Spouse Association (RSA) President

Welcome to the Winston-Salem area! RSA is a great place to get involved with the community, meet new people, and be a part of a supportive and exciting group. We sponsor and organize many activities throughout the year that appeal to the needs and interests of all our members. We organize events geared toward both families with and without children. Some of our events include: weekly playgroups, monthly meetings, wine tastings, holiday parties, game nights, trips to the zoo and apple orchard, lunch bunches, and book clubs. We also help support the Ronald McDonald House with bake sales and monthly dinners.

Please visit our website for more information and to join. Email us if you have any questions. Congratulations on your match and we look forward to hearing from you.

Mailing Address
When mailing requested documents to the medical center, please address them to:

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
House Staff Office
Medical Center Blvd.
Winston-Salem, N.C. 27157

Please contact the House Staff Office with any questions or concerns.


Quick Reference

Residencies & Fellowships

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Fax 336-716-6415


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