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Emmanuel Fadeyi, M.D.
Emmanuel Fadeyi, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Pathology

Academic: 336-713-5366
Department: 336-716-4311
John C. Faris, M.D.
John C. Faris, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Radiology

Academic: 336-408-3428
Department: 336-716-2011
Sandra B. Farland, M.D.
Sandra B. Farland, M.D.

Department: 336-831-9001
Andrew Matthew Farland, M.D.

Academic: 336-716-6777
Department: 336-713-5440
Alan C. Farney, M.D.
Alan C. Farney, M.D.
Professor, Surgical Sciences-Transplant

Research Interests

drugs/therapeutic agents pharm, transplantation

Academic: 336-716-6371
Department: 336-716-6371
Kirsten B. Feiereisel, M.D.

Research Interests

education/training (all f, t,

Academic: 336-713-4156
Department: 336-713-4156
Steven R. Feldman, M.D., Ph.D.

Research Interests

drugs/therapeutic agents pharm, education/training (all f, t,, epidemiology, health services, research/outc, hypertension, immunology/allergy/inflammatio, medical technology/devices

Academic: 336-716-7740
Department: 336-716-3926
Junjie Feng, Ph.D.

Research Interests

cancer/oncogenesis, epidemiology, genetics/genome

Academic: 336-713-7582
Department: 336-713-7582
Xin Feng, M.D., Ph.D.

Research Interests

communication/speech/hearing, degenerative disorders

Academic: 336-716-9671
Department: 336-716-4161
Cristin Martha Ferguson, M.D.
Cristin Martha Ferguson, M.D.

Research Interests

education/training (all f, t,, health services, research/outc

Academic: 336-716-2130
Department: 336-716-8200
Adolfo Z. Fernandez, M.D.

Research Interests


Academic: 336-716-7255
Department: 336-716-7255
Andrea S. Fernandez, M.D.

Academic: 336-713-3406
Department: 336-713-3406
Carlos M. Ferrario, M.D.

Research Interests

cardiac function, hormones/cytokines/signalling, hypertension, minority health issues, temporary, transgenics, vascular diseases

Academic: 336-716-5849
Department: 336-716-5849
Mark John Ferris, Ph.D.

Research Interests

aids, neurosciences/behavior, substance abuse

Academic: 336-716-8620
Department: 336-716-2011
Gregory L. Fiets, M.D.

Academic: 336-527-7577
Department: 336-527-7577
Jorge P. Figueroa, M.D.

Research Interests

growth & development, hormones/cytokines/signalling, hypertension, maternal & child health, obesity

Academic: 336-716-2351
Department: 336-716-4039
Daniel Clark Files, M.D.

Research Interests

aging, critical/intensive care medici, cross(mult/tnslat/inter)discip, immunology/allergy/inflammatio, molecular biology/molecular me, rehabilitation

Academic: 336-713-7516
Department: 336-716-2011
Michael F. Fina, M.D.

Academic: 336-713-7777
Department: 336-713-7777
Alan B. Fleischer Jr, M.D.

Research Interests

drugs/therapeutic agents pharm

Academic: 336-716-7882
Department: 336-716-3926
Charlene Fleming, M.D.

Department: 336-713-8860
Alison Jo Fletcher, M.D.
Alison Jo Fletcher, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Nephrology

Academic: 336-716-7563
Department: 336-716-4650
Cory Ryan Forbach, M.D.

Department: 336-716-1896
Arthur S. Foreman, M.D.

Academic: 336-716-4210
Department: 336-716-2011
Daniel J. Forest, M.D.

Academic: 336-716-4498
Department: 336-716-2011
Capri Gabrielle Foy, Ph.D.

Research Interests

fitness/physical, hypertension, obesity, prevention

Academic: 336-716-3896
Department: 336-716-3896
Jane M. Foy, M.D.

Research Interests

health services, research/outc, maternal & child health, mental disorders/psychiatry/ps, primary care

Academic: 336-716-2984
Department: 336-713-4500
Barry I. Freedman, M.D.

Research Interests

atherosclerosis/thrombosis, diabetes, epidemiology, genetics/genome, genomics and proteomics, hypertension, infectious diseases, minority health issues, molecular biology/molecular me, neurosciences/behavior, osteoporosis, transplantation

Academic: 336-716-6192
Department: 336-716-4650
Michael Thomas Freehill, M.D.
Michael Thomas Freehill, M.D.

Academic: 336-716-9813
Department: 336-716-8200
Larry W. Freeman, D.Min.

Academic: 336-713-7710
Department: 336-716-4551
Rita I. Freimanis, M.D.

Academic: 336-716-2434
Department: 336-716-8048
David P. Friedman, Ph.D.

Research Interests

education outreach, hormones/cytokines/signalling, neurosciences/behavior, substance abuse

Academic: 336-713-7186
Department: 336-713-7186
John Frino, M.D.
John Frino, M.D.
John Frino, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Orthopaedics

Academic: 336-716-9813
Department: 336-716-8200
Bart A. Frizzell, M.D.

Academic: 336-713-3600
Department: 336-713-3600
Cristina Maria Furdui, Ph.D.

Research Interests

aging, arthritis, biotechnology, cancer/oncogenesis, environmental sciences, fitness/physical, genomics and proteomics, hormones/cytokines/signalling, molecular biology/molecular me

Academic: 336-716-2697
Department: 336-716-2011

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