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Jennifer Marie Jackson, M.D.

Research Interests

education/training (all f, t,

Academic: 336-716-6910
Department: 336-713-4500
John D. Jackson, Ph.D.

Research Interests

aging, biotechnology, cell growth, differentiation,d, hearing, immunology/allergy/inflammatio, medical technology/devices

Academic: 336-713-1490
Department: 336-713-1490
Sam Jacubowitz, M.D.

Department: 336-716-2011
Jonathan D. Jaffe, D.O.

Academic: 336-716-4498
Department: 336-716-2011
Rajay Kumar Jain, M.B.B.S., M.D.

Academic: 336-716-4498
Department: 336-716-2011
Mark Joseph James, M.D.

Department: 336-716-2011
Rashid M. Janjua, M.D.
Rashid M. Janjua, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Neurosurgery

Research Interests

primary care, vascular diseases

Academic: 336-716-4020
Department: 336-716-4081
Rima Joy Jarrah, M.D.

Academic: 336-716-4498
Department: 336-716-2011
Donald R. Jason, M.D.

Academic: 336-716-2637
Department: 336-716-2634
Elizabeth T. Jensen, Ph.D.

Academic: 336-713-3132
Department: 336-716-2011
Christopher Paul Jerome

Academic: 336-716-4586
Department: 336-716-2011
Tamison Jewett, M.D.

Research Interests

congenital defects, genetics/genome, growth & development

Academic: 336-713-7573
Department: 336-716-2011
Guangxu Jin, Ph.D.
Guangxu Jin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Radiology

Research Interests


Academic: 367-166-977
Department: 336-716-2011
Hanumantha Rao Jogu, M.B.B.S., M.D.

Academic: 336-713-5215
Vishak J. John, M.D.

Department: 336-716-4091
James E. Johnson, Ph.D.
James E. Johnson, Ph.D.
Director, Medical Ultrasound
Associate Professor, Neurobiology & Anatomy

Research Interests


Academic: 336-716-1296
Department: 336-716-1296
Sara Jones, Ph.D.

Research Interests

drugs/therapeutic agents pharm, mental disorders/psychiatry/ps, neurosciences/behavior, substance abuse

Academic: 336-716-8355
Department: 336-716-8533
Beverly Nicholas Jones, M.D.

Academic: 336-659-8817
Department: 336-716-4551
James Eric Jordan, Ph.D.

Research Interests

biotechnology, cardiac function, cross(mult/tnslat/inter)discip, education outreach, engineering/bioengineering, immunology/allergy/inflammatio, instrument development

Academic: 336-713-5223
Department: 336-716-2124
Jennifer Hawthorne Jordan, D.Phil.

Academic: 336-713-7085
Department: 336-716-6674
Matthew J. Jorgensen, Ph.D.

Research Interests

cross(mult/tnslat/inter)discip, drugs/therapeutic agents pharm, genetics/genome, growth & development, immunology/allergy/inflammatio, infectious diseases, neurosciences/behavior

Academic: 336-716-6935
Department: 336-716-6935
Joseph L. Jorizzo, M.D.

Research Interests

drugs/therapeutic agents pharm

Academic: 336-716-2764
Department: 336-716-3926
Johanna R. Jorizzo, M.D.
Johanna R. Jorizzo, M.D.
Associate Professor, Radiology

Academic: 336-716-3688
Department: 336-716-2471
Youngkyoo Jung, Ph.D.

Research Interests

aging, engineering/bioengineering, vascular diseases

Academic: 336-716-2837
Department: 336-716-2011

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