Cystinuria is a condition passed down through families in which stones form in the kidney, ureter, and bladder.

Wake Forest Baptist Approach

Chances are if a patient has one kidney stone, more will form in the future. That’s why at Wake Forest Baptist, we take a comprehensive approach to care – focusing not only on the removal of kidney stones, but on preventing their recurrence. In patients with recurrent stones, this often requires a careful evaluation to identify metabolic abnormalities that predispose patients to stone formation.

It has been demonstrated that medical therapy and dietary modifications can reduce stone activity. A metabolic evaluation enables doctors to recommend a program that incorporates dietary modifications and possibly medications to reverse or attenuate stone activity.

The evaluation may include a comprehensive patient history, imaging, stone analysis, urine studies, blood tests and genetic testing. Some of these components are done in every case and others are used selectively. Stone analysis is very important as it directs further testing.


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